Finnair experience

This year I have this far tried for me two new airlines and I will keep on writing some reviews about my experiences. Today’s airline is Finnair which I flew from Singapore to Helsinki this night.

The aircraft of the day was an Airbus A340-300 and as an Airbus lover the Finnair experience could not have started better. The flight was also almost full, with four empty seats and I had two of them at my row. Win.

I was traveling in economy class but it was a good kind of econ. The seats were comfortable, the IFE had quite few but good movies and the blankets were of the more comfortable kind designed by Merimekko. Also the headphones were noise isolated and no super cheap stuff so although I was sitting on the row just behind business class the noise from the engines were like at the first row.

I continue to give the thumb up to the crew which was very friendly and served good food. For dinner I took fish and rice with white wine (as always when the option is available) and for breakfast they served omelet, bread and yoghurt. In between they offered snack in the galley but I slept ten hours out of the 12 so I did not tried that.

So to summarize my first Finnair experience get five out of five P’s in economy class. It was everything you needed on a 12 hour flight and it is also the shortest way to Asia from Sweden. Total travel time including transfer and a connecting SAS flight is to Stockholm is less than 15 hours and that I think is very good. I can definitely think of fly this airline again if I for example go to Seoul or Delhi.
/ Pernilla that had a good Finnair experience

Bye bye Singaland

It is time for me to say good bye to dear Singapore but I do of course keep on hoping that my annual visit will keep on being a tradition. I continued my last day here in the same pattern as the previous ones; chill out theme. It started with hanging out at the pool, a visit to the gym, some shopping and then some more hangout at the pool before I took the MRT to the worlds best airport. I will for the first time ever fly with the mumin airline Finnair but first I am now baking my feets in the best foot massage thing in the world here at Changi airport. And the Osim massage thing is actually what makes this airport to my number one.


/ Pernilla saying bye to Singapore

Foods of Singapore

When I lived in Singapore and got to know new people one of the first things they asked about was my favorite food. Of course I have some but the question itself tells about how important food is in this country. And there are restaurants everywhere catering all kinds of foods you can imagine. This vacation I have tried a few new places and of course visited some favorites so to share this important Singapore topic, here comes some food porn:

The first evening I had a taco salad with chicken at a Mexican place in Clark Quay. Really tasty and fresh.

The second day I had a McDonalds burger and corn cup for lunch. Kill me but I like McD, but then I also eat it like every second year so that can be why.

At Friday night we went to the Arab street and I had a delicious meze plate at a Turkish place. Really tasteful food but both greasy and heavy.

Yesterday we had sushi at my favorite restaurant in the world, Sushi Tei. You have to try it in Singapore. It is a conveyor belt sushi place with all kind of Japanese food that taste too good to be true. It is worth a trip to Singapore for eating at this place.

Now I just ended this trip with another favorite eating place that I hope will start an outlet in Sweden, Mr Bean. They have delicious small pancakes with filling like peanut butter, cream cheese, red bean paste and so on and soy drinks made of ice, soy milk and mocha protein powder. If this place opened at home I would go there every day. So if you have a hard time to decide what to eat, visit Singapore because here you will find everything and a bit more.
/ Pernilla in food heaven

Gardens by the bay

Yesterday I checked out a for me new place here in green and fashion able Singapore, Gardens by the bay. It was as beautiful as expected, green and pushy with tropical flowers and threes. There was also a 22 meter high tree top walk that you could visit so of course I took the chance to get a better view of it all and it was of course worth it. This city just gets nicer and nicer for every visit and it feels like a fantasy land. After the long morning walk around we spent the afternoon at the pool and gym before checking out Orchaid road at night. A pretty good Saturday I have to say far away from freezing cold Stockholm.



/ Pernilla in Singa land

Singa lah

Hello from the sunny island! I have had a relaxed and enjoyable vacation Friday doing some of the things I enjoy most in life like:

Swimming in the hotel pool after a tough training session at the gym.

Spending the day at a beach. Today Sentosa siloso beach were the place where my frets got sandy.

Ending with a good dinner at one of my favorite places in Singapore, the Arab quarter at Kampong glam.
/ Pernilla in Singapore

Singapore it is!

I joined my parents for a small trip to Singapore and here I am right now far away from the snow. We flew here with Emirates and I really like that airline but for traveling here from Stockholm it was not the best option because the journey felt incredible long. We have not done that much today and that was exactly what I aimed with this trip. Do nothing. I been to the hotel gym for an hours, tried out the pool and we also took a walk around Marina bay. This is really a 100% relaxing holiday.




/ Pernilla in Singapore



P here. I feel over and out right now. My body is tired after four tough training days in a row that I topped with a super spinning pulse class tonight. So tomorrow’s rest day at the Emirates flight to Singapore is warmly welcomed.

I am also over and out of work right now. It feels like a never ending story without any result or progress and I hate the feeling on not being able to perform. It is like running a marathon with a rubberband fasten around your waste, you just wanna do a lot of it but do not get anywhere although you know how to get to the finish line. Probably you understand. But like the rubberband around your waste, if you give up you will for sure not get to the finish line but if you work and work harder than before sooner or later the band will break and you will get to the finish line but now it feels like an overload of everything and I have the worlds thickest rubberband tied around me. Well, time to sleep and reload some energy for me to use for tomorrow’s challenge.

And the picture, nice right? I practiced some funny faces picture taking when I was bored out at a flight. Not suitable for Vogue but it really fits my mode today so therefore I put it here to the general public to watch. Let it call it the over and out pic.
/ Pernilla that is a bit over and out