What pulse spinning feels like

ImageAfter a close to death Tuesday spinning class it feels like you visited that you by misstake jumped into the washingmachine and turned on the 90 degree program. I promiss. But it is actually a pretty good feeling otherwise I would not return week after week doing the same thing all over again if I did not enjoyed it. Todays Tuesday spinning was not an exception but unfortunatley I was not quick enough to enter the class and got a bike at the front row which I really, really hate. I guess it is a very Northern Europe thing to not choose the places at the frontrow first like in the US and Asia everyone wants to be in the front… But I survived the class itself although it looked like I been to the washingmachine but I am more happy that I survived biking at the frontrow because I am not a “sit at the frontrow person”. But this is what close to death spinning feels like – as rough as a program at the washingmachine.

/ Pernilla the hobby spinner

Outside office – yes, please!


ImageWelcome to my Tuesday! I could not have had a better start of the day, waking up to beautiful sunshine followed by a wake up walk to work through Hagaparken.But now sitting inside at the desk feels like a prison especially when the window is facing Brunnsviken and the only thing I want is to be outside. I wish I could take my laptop and sit outside at the terrace and work…

/ Pernilla dreaming of thhe beautiful outdoors

Eastern Monday at the homebase

ImageThe Lufthansa pilots got a fantastic route into Stockholm Arlanda airport this morning when they flew from Munich and I was a lucky girl that got a whole row so at the approach I moved to the window seat to picture the innercity of Stockholm from above. This eastern Monday I have after my homecoming spent unpacking, fixing things, chillaxing at my balcony and deciding to run Women’s health marathon on Saturday so I also did some training for that. I took a shorts & t-shirt 15K run around Pampas and Kungsholmen in the sunny weather and that my body and mind really appreciated. The run was as simple as I wrote, just fantastic flow all over and nothing to say anything more about just like my easternday at my homebase.

Then I also wrote a blog post about running in Shanghai at my utochspring.com blog. Worth checking out if you are interested in knowing how it is to run in one of the most populated cities in the world. Read it HERE.

Hope you all had a great Eastern with lots of love, eggs and sun!

/ Pernilla back to town

Shanghai foodporn

Isn’t it like this on every vacation, you always think that you gonna eat a lot of nice food but when you are actually there you see the good food when you are not hungry, then the time goes so fast so you do not prioritze to eat and then when you finally get starving you are far far away from the eating places. At least for me it is always like this. From what I remember from Shanghai it was difficult to find good eating places so I read former Shanghai expat Sara’s recommendations but did I visit any of them? no, just because of the above reasons.

ImageSo in the country where people eat rice for breakfast or do not eat breakfast it is as difficult as finding a lost earring tot find reasonable breakfast like yoghurt & crunchy or something like that if you do not want to pay a fortune for hotel breakfast. So I started my days the most unhealthy way, with Frappuchino at Starbucks. The best of the worst.

ImageThen I had dumplings one day and another day I found one of my favorite eats, the from Osaka worldwide known takoyaki octupus ball. I wish they sold these in Sweden also. So tasty. I suppose this is very unhealthy aswell…

ImageThen the streets were almost covered with strawberries but eating streetfood in China is nothing I would do so the red berries just became eye candy.

ImageBut I found another kind of sweet that I love. Mochi icecream. It is also japanese and is an icecream cake made of glutonius rice cover filled with icecream. Yet another yummy food.

In general I think it is difficult to find something to eat in China or Asia overall because if you like me do not like rice or are a fan of noodles the options are limited. Then if you prefer not to eat Mc Donalds or KFC which you find everywhere then you have almost nothing to choose between. Especially in China, South Korea and Hong Kong I think it is hard to find eatable things since they do not eat that much sallad and a lot of food contain glutamat which my tummy does not like. So although a junkeating vacation I am not more fat than when I left!

/ Pernilla with some Shanghai food reflections

Easterntrip to Shanghai

Hello social media world, I am back. Both from my Asian adventure in China and in the www-world. Unfortunatley neither Facebook, twitter or wordpress worked out for me in the far east but I was not bothering to much about it and instaed ejoyed some digital detox except from instagram. So what have I done then?Image On Wednesday I started the trip in my absolute favorite aircraft, Airbus A380 with destination Shanghai. I watched the first episode of Boradchurch then I fell asleep and woke up when it was time to touch down. The first thing I saw was yellow air. Not that impressive. But the trip got better.

ImageIt was seven years ago since I was in Shanghai and it was a new city now. I first noticed that the subwaysystem, like in any other Asian city, was a real subway system and not just two lines. Then all construction cranes in the innercity circle was gone. The city was covered with new high rising buildings and the charming side was gone almost everywhere. Really, really sad I have to say.

ImageDuring the days I was walking around at the famous places and just felt the asian atmosphere. Did what I felt for, ended up in a lot of Asian peoples photobooks, took a lot of pictures, looked for old and chinese cultural spots, randomly met some canadians that was in China for teaching English, tryed out real dumplings and just had a good time.

ImageOf course I also tried a bit of running in Shanghai and my runs turned out very well so now I decided to run Womens halfmarathon on Saturday. I will write about the runtours at utochspring.com. But running in Shanghai was an interesting story.

ImageI also passed by Xintiandi but the rest of the main tourist attractions I skipped out since I already had been there. But the houses in that area, I love them, can watch them for ages. But more interesting was that some old Shanghai unique pieces were still left in the area and not transformed into shoppingmalls or condos.

ImageThen I have to say that the weather was not perfect. The first day when I arrived it was really bad airquality, the second day it was okey – grey with some signs of blue sky but overall okey, the third day it was humid and rained from time to time and the fourth day was the same as the second so I changed my travelplan and did not went to Hangzhou to explore the West lake since it was supposed to be heavy rain there and instaed I took the Lufthansa flight home last night. But the Shanghai trip was really cool and I enjoyed coming back and see how the city had developed the last years. When I studdied at the university in Seoul I took a course in marketing called “Place marketing in Asia” and it was fun to see that the visions from that time now is reality although I have many opinions about the development of Shanghai but that will be a separate blogpost. With so much impressions, thoughts and insights about China it will take me a while to melt it. China, I think it is a really fashinating country and it was definitley not my last visit to there. Next time I will for sure also explore the countryside.

/ Pernilla that is back from Chinaadventures

Miracles can happen!

ImageLike that me, Pernilla Bredolt, the most anti morning running person voluntarily goes for a morning run at 8 am at Kungsholmsstrand and Pampas. But it was absolutley awsome. Blue sky, chilly but fresh air and just amazing.

ImageHalf way into my 10K I stopped for making some planks combined with a selfie photo session before I turned back to the city.

Image And look what I found at the end of my route, a China gym in Stockholm style. Kungsholmen are investing in wellbeeing for their inhabitants – thumb up for that!

/ Pernilla the morning jogger


ImageMH370 – the flightnumber that now is know to the whole world is more than a month after dissapearence still a mystery to the world. Where is the plane? During the last month I have followed the news, read several theories about the plane and also built up my own one. Yesterday I watched Kalla Fakta at TV4 where they discussed the theory about that litium batteries have caused a rapid fire that lead to the accident. Well, strange is it and I hope that we will get to know what caused the Boeing 777 plane to go down (if it is not hijacked and still exist somewhere in the world). Anyway, if you have followed the news about MH370 nothing new was coming up in the documentary at TV4, but I also noted that Discovery channel made a documentary about MH370 so I will check that out as well at one point but now I am going to surprise the world and go out for a morning run before I head to the airport.

/ Pernilla the funrunner