I have not been baking today but another day I was making some kladdkaka muffins. It was a 20 minute project so the time investment was as much as walking to the store and buy some. They only consisted of basic stuff like eggs, flour, raw sugar, vanilla powder, cacao and some PB2 chocolate style. The basic recipe you find HERE but I modified it as always to suit my preferences. Now with Halloween coming up why not make these kladdkake muffins in spoky style? Home baked stuff rules!

/ Pernilla in baking mode

I like Mondays

But this morning it was tough to get out of my cozy bed to meet the world outside my bedroom. It is so dark outside but on the other hand we in the North are much better of than many other countries in the world when it comes to total hours of light hours over the year. Although the dark outside and my tired inside I walked through Hagaparken to the office. Leaving my crib at 06:30 as always.

We are travelers

The very first thing that meet me when walking into Frösis is a big fat poster of the new and brilliant SAS marketing campaign “We are travelers” showing empire state building right infront of my eyes and I wanted to take SK903 to EWR right away. Then and there the steps up to my laptop at the sixt floor felt like the 100 floor climb to the top of Empire state building. Although the morning was slow the whole day passed by really quick.


After office hours means training time for me. Today I had as a chairman of SAS Run & Walk arranged so I and some other colleagues did not had to go and visit Runday at their Monday training but instaed they came to Hagaparken to train us. What a luxuary. Coach Charlotte gave us a tough session with long intervalls. Very welcomed for me that now focus on NYC marathon.


When the work and training was over I once again walked back through Hagaparken, in the darkness and at home I had got a nice surprise in my mailbox. A package slip to pick up. I had no clue what it could be since the consignor was unreadable so since I had to go and pick up another package at ICA I went there. And in the secret package it was a comfy and warm sweater from my top ranked long haul airline, Lufthansa! Bingo! A pretty good Monday I would say!

/ Pernilla the Monday lover

Mission training weekend completed


My training weekend is over and thereby also the last unplanned weekend of 2014. Since I like a lot of different kinds of training I picked the sessions like you pick candy at a candy store.

A Friday party also called DanceArobic at SATS Odenplan with magic Robert Sorensen was the start of it all. On Saturday I woke up to a gray city but still I went for a 21K+ run at Djurgården. Today I also woke up to a grayscale Stockholm but with warm weather. I felt for running so I took an 8 or 9 something run at Kungsholmen and around. It was not over there, I wrapped it all up with a SATS power step class and Bodybalance class at SATS Sturep. Do I have to say that I am sitting comfortable under a blanket watching a tv serie now?

/ Pernilla the fall lover

Rockstar eats


This weekend has been filled with training and nice eats. Yesterday after my half marathon run I tried the new Loka winter pear drink. It tasted really good!


For dinner I had the best sushi in Stockholm. I have tried a lot of sushi places here since I am a huge sushi fan but Ki-Mama here at Observatoriegatan next to my place is the best.


And now I have a little tea time and lunch break to reload energy after my morning run. Puka tea and Runnersworld, what else is needed a gray day like this?

/ Pernilla having a training weekend

Training day

It is Saturday the 18th October and the official training day. I started with a warmup cleaning my crib and then it was time to do something that I have feared and avoided since the terrible day at Lidingöloppet. A long run.


I picked one of my favorite running areas, Djurgården. I felt that I just had to do this long run today and although my lack of quality training the last months it felt quite good.


So good that I gave myself a break halfway through and took a selfie in the colorful autumn leaves. 1:56:28 for a 21,1K run was not that bad either and it feels like I am one step closer to NYC marathon! And when it came to the outfit I wore the stuff I plan to run in in the city that never sleeps, Adidas Boston boost shoes, Gococo superior compression socks, Nike shorts and Adidas top. Happy training day friends!

/ Pernilla that been on a run

Training weekend to come

The upcoming weekend I plan to have my own pre NYC marathon training camp here in Stockholm. Instead of just doing some random training I got the idea to go all in on training this weekend so this is the first edition of Pernillasntraining camp.

I started off as soon as I left the office with a walk home through Hagaparken and after that I joined the Friday party at SATS Odenplan. Or it was my favorite Norwegian and fab instructor Robert Sorensen that hosted his DanceAerobic. I loved it every second of the 3300 ones the training lasted. When it was over I stretched for a while and did my daily 3*100 crunches. That was pretty much what I did before I went to ICA and buy fuel for my training weekend. What are your weekend plans friends?


/ Pernilla having a training camp



Y dear bike has broken down again so now I transport myself to work by foot. I do not like to travel with public transportation so the options to go from cash Vasa to the office Frösis are quite limited. Walking, biking or running are simply said the choices. Today I did like the last days and walked there which is okey but I am not a fan of doing the same things every single day so today I brought my training gear and when I was done at the office I ran home. And guess what? It was great. Now I have done lots of stretching at home which I badly needed. Two weeks to go until it is time to cross the Atlantic again!

/ Pernilla in Stockholm