World of aircrafts

Today’s blog post is a bit nerdy from the aircraft nerd to you. I guess most people get quite into their job since a lot of the time is spent just on the job and so am I. A nerd about my job. I liked aircrafts and the aviation industry before I started to work but after 5,5 years working within supply chain management I am even more nerdy today. I cannot help it. I check tailsigns of the planes before I board them, checking the standard of seatbelts, paying attention to what kind of galleys there are installed, guess who is the seats manufacturer, looking for unnecessary details – do I have to continue?

If you follow my employer Scandinavian airlines Facebook page you can see that A330 LN-RKN is now in Zurich for a C-check (one month long huge checkup on every single detail). After that it will be retrofitted with a brand new and awesome cabin. New business class seats with 1-2-1 config, new economy extra seats and econ seats and it will look all fab until my 30th birthday. But to those who keeps on asking what I do during my office days I can tell that I am doing the above. Not by hands of course, but I am negotiating with suppliers, arranging that the right spare parts are on the right place at the right time on this kind of big maintenance checks, regular smaller maintenance checks (A-checks), daily service checks, planed and unplaned jobs as well as making sure we have the optimal amount of spares at our stores. So now you know that. What are you guys doing during the days?SAS C-checkAircraft / Pernilla the A/C nerd

(Pictures borrowed from SAS)


A November Sunday

IMG_0517.JPGIt was long ago since I visited any other pars of Stockholm outside of Vasastan, Östermalm, Kungsholmen and Frösundavik so this morning I navigated away from my usual area during my morning run.


During my 15 kilometers I visited Slussen, took a tour around Söder (which I do not like because I feel like an alien there) ending up with some foot gymnastics while running the last kilometer over the cobble stones in Gamla Stan. The running weater was brilliant for beeing November and I enjoyed my slow pace run big times. I managed to complete 50 kilometers of running this week and that I have not done since the early spring!


After a hot shower at Casa Vasa I made real food for lunch. Not yoghurt, fil, bread or a smoothie like always on the weekends but salmon terriyaki, carrots, mushrooms and an egg so at the moment I am feeling so nutritious!

/ Pernilla having a boosting day


Tunnelrun day today and I woke up happy again after yesterday’s terrible Friday. Had a nice breakfast with clementines, my new favorite spinach drink and one piece of tunnbröd while I read the race PM and tried to get ready for a run.

I biked to the start with zero expectations and I am not a fan of tunnels so I did not even know why I registered for the race. The first thing I did was running into Runday Helen and we were surprisingly in the same start group so we had some pre-race pepp.
42 213 runners were participating and it was quite crowded in the start. The first kilometer I was barley running and was not expecting a fair time at all. It is not that important to me but still I have certain time frames I want to make. Luckily I have been running so many times so I kind of know how fast I run anyway. Inside the tunnel it was a huge running party with music and cool lightening on the track that went up and down like a roller coaster. It was pretty cool and after two kilometers it was not that crowded anymore so it was possible to run. At 7k Adidas had a boost zone and that was the best part of decoration with confetti and club sound. The running experience was on top although no spectators. My legs were in running mode the whole route but just before 5K I could barley breath but I loved the ups and downs so after all I managed to finish the run within my maximum time frame. I hope they will have more Tunnelruns because now I am not afraid of running in tunnels anymore!

/ Pernilla the Tunnelrun survivor

US trip no 32

My December US trip is getting closer and I am trying to make up a five star travel plan. It is a bit difficult to fit it all. I am a huge US lover and one of my life missions is to visit all 50 states. The following things are my top prioritized US wanna see and do list I just have to decide what to do during my next visit.

Wanna do: Hiking, shopping, running, beach life, yoga and skiing.

Wanna see: The coast between South L.A and Dana Point, Denver, Cleveland, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Santa Fee, Salt Lake City, Aspen, Atlanta, Phoenix, Death Valley, Alaska, Portland, Minneapolis, Houston, Tampa, New Orleans, Kona and St Louis.

What would you pick?


/ Pernilla planning for US visit no 32