December 21

The 21st December day is a cold story. And I got it confirmed when I was out on a morning jog at Djurgården. Just when I was about to depart a very old lady asked me if I wore enough clothes today? And Yes I did. Lots of layers and warm skiing socks from Gococo made my 13K run plus 10*100 meter intervals to a warm story. At home I cooked real food for lunch which not happens often in my single life but I did and on the menu was hamburger with salad. Yum! I have no funny tasks from the advent calendar to do anymore so I end it by now. The purpose of it was to motivate to a balanced life and the remaining challenges is nothing that I enjoy doing and therefore I won’t do them and instead keep on training my favorite things.



/ Pernilla wishes happy fourth advent

December 20

My legs are dead. Dead. I kickstarted this day with one class of Bodypump with extra heavy weights and then 75 minutes of spinning which was a sweaty Christmas party house style. My goodness it was tough to walk home the three minutes from SATS Odenplan. The tough start of this December day means that I now allow myself a bit of relaxing in my new and comfy skiing top, paying bills, travel planning, doing housework and so on before I will activate myself again.


/ Pernilla in casa Vasastan

December 19

Five days of intense office days, lots of training and a flight back from the opposite side of the world plus coping with 11 hours time difference made me empty of energy last night. I was not doing much at all. After work I took a long way in Hagaparken and did some shopping with everyone else in the city before I more or less fell asleep at home at 8pm after a cup of glögg, gingerbread with blue cheese and foam santas for evening snack. No tasks completed from the advent calendar but hey, life is more than following a strict plan.

/ Pernilla getting back to Sthlm life

December 18

Less than a week to Christmas and not that many tasks from the advent calendar to choose between more. I started my with a 12K jogging tour at Kungsholmen, over Västerbron, Södermälarstrand, Slussen and back home through Kungsholmen. This winter is this far totally according to my preferences. Warm and snow free. I did something with my right calf muscle a few days ago so it does feel like normal therefore no running until now this week. Today it felt soso but runnable so after I was finished a made a home made massage with my baking equipment. It do actually help so if you do not want to invest in training stuff like foam rollers that will just lay around at home after a while anyway be creative and use what you have at home. And today’s advent task was taking a massage.

/ Pernilla that had a Thursday run

December 17

Making a green dish was on today’s advent calendar agenda but I am eating veggie lunch every day and I do not cook at home right at the moment so I filled the the night with some other green stuff. Getting a Christmas three. I got a tiny, lovely and just perfect one. Tomorrow I will buy some lights to it. I love Christmas and my whole cast vasa feels like a Christmas museum right now. Apart from decorating my crib I been doing some body movement. I visited asATS Tule for a power step class that was soso, so tomorrow more and better training!



/ Pernilla in casa Christmas

December 16

The first thing that I thought of when coming back from US is how dark it is here. It took me just one week to forget about it but soon it will slowly get nice and bright again. One of the tasks on the Träningsglädje advent calendar was to take a morningwalk in the darkness and today I walked to my office. It was a nice walk through Hagaparken and I enjoyed listening to Marathonpodden where Claes Åkesson was the guest and of course some christmas music while getting awake. My legs are still a bit tired from the Sunday halfmarathon but hey, could be worse. They were not all tired and after all they managed to survive a 60 minuter tough spinning pulse class at SATS Hötorget. A nice Tuesday in the dark. What have you been up to guys?

/ Pernilla in the dark

December 15

I flew home from the United States last evening with SK904 after yet another fab trip. I slept very good in my characteristic meet ball position. At home the rain was pouring down when I came to the office where I have spent the day dreaming about Christmas stuff. So at home I put dreams into actions, wearing my Santa socks and made lussebuns. Yum! I also watched SVT’s Lucia morning and had a glas of glögg so now it feels like real Christmas! I do not know which advent calendar mission this was because I just did a bit of everything.



/ Pernilla at home