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Pre-christmas day

Eight months to go before christmas today but I must have been a very nice girl this year because I got an early christmas gift today. After a day at work filled with one session of floorball during lunch and then a Runday training session after work I it felt like a real pre-christmas day. And when I get mail that I have to collect at ICA I turn into a five year old again.

ImageI basically ran over to ICA Sabbatsberg to pick it up. But as always there was a line. Why does everyone living here around has to buy so much on Internet 2014? Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. And then it was my number. Yes, Yes, Yes and doubble yes. ID check and then, then I got the brown package. Awsome. Then a 150 m interval home was left. With the package under my arm I hurried like crazy back to Casa Vasa, ran upp all stairs and…

ImageA brand new pair of Adidas Adios Boost shoes. The best runningshoes in the world was inside the package. Yes, awsome, absolutley awsome. On Sunday I will try them on at the Adidas Tribes event in Tanto. Can’t wait!

/ Pernilla in happy boost mode

World book day

ImageVacations are perfect times for reading and although I enjoy reading books at home as well I increase my book consumption when I am traveling. Yesterday it was the world book day so one day too late I want to recommend a book for those interested in everyday life in China that I just finished. On my Shanghai trip I brought a book about the life as an expat in China that I randomly found at the library when I looked for a Lonleyplanet. The book was written by a swede that moved to Beijing to study chinese and she and her husband lived the local life, moved into a huntong and hanged out with locals. The book were about ten years old but quite interesting and informative although I suppose that the life for everyone in the country has changed a lot since then. Now when I am into the topic of books about China I will take a tour to the pocketshop this weekend to buy another book on the same topic, Jung Chang’s Vilda svanar – has anyone read that one?

/ Pernilla in summerreading mode

Two times workout

ImageYes, box that is what I have occupied my time tonight. And taking twice as many selfies as workouts as you can see. The first workout session was planned to be a GRIT class but somehow I did not got accepted to the class so I went for 30 minutes of cardio instaed. Then the second and following session was a combat class and as you probably have figured out by now that is one of my favorite workouts so not only one but also two thumbs up for today’s movement sessions. Anyone else who has enjoyed the beautiful indoors instaed of the outdoors?

Psst, don’t forget to come and run with Adidas and Runday on Sunday if you are here in Stockholm. I am sure it will be a lot of all in spirit as always. Check THIS out for more info

/ Pernilla the workout addict

I heart goldfish

China has many hidden treasures and when I randomly walked into an international supermarket I found three times my favorite snacks, Goldfish from Pepperidgefarm. I could survive my whole life on these if I had to but now they are not procurable in Sweden except at the US canystore but to a price that is higher than what I am willing to pay for the cracers that are almost for free in the US. Check out what I found in Shanghai, three different kinds of Goldfish of which I have only tried the cheddar one before. I suppose these goldfishes are the new treasures of China!




/ Pernilla that is looking forward to eat some crackers

A pink and fluffy day, or?

Everything is not fun, motivating and easygoing everyday and that is what is called life. Sometimes when I read blogs or other social media channels everything is pink, fluffy, a piece of cake and simple things as eating a ballerina cookie is like a gourmet experience. Why is it so difficult for some people to describe how it is for real because I am not that stupied that I think that someone has 365 “wow!” days a year.

ImageHonestly, today my office day feels like this, less motivated. But hey, maybe a cup of coffee can motivate me for some more hours at my desk. It is just that that the outside view at Brunnsviken is tempting…

/ Pernilla going for the relaxed office style