The agenda of 30 September 2014


Hope you had a great last day of September 2014. I think it is quite fun to read about what other people do during a normal weekday so I want to share what I have done today. More or less regular weekday.

6:00 am my alarm clock want me to get out of my bed and of course I do it. “If you snooze you lose” so getting up and getting out is the one and only thing. I get dressed, eat yoghurt and berries, drink a coffee and read the paper version of DI.

6:30 am I am getting a pair of sneakers on and walk to work. It is an awesome September day and I enjoy every minute of walking through Hagaparken.

7:05 am I check in at the SAS office and are now fully awake for yet another day at the office.

9:00 am the first meeting of the day. I host the phone meeting with the other Scandinavian countries and goes through our KPIs and priortize todays work with my team.

11:00 am together with other middle management people I enter the conference room Singapore at SAS Frösundavik for a five hour project update and status briefing of an important IT project. Quite interesting and the time goes fast. At noon we have half an hours lunchbreak and at 3 pm coffee break. Pretty standard.

16:00 pm it is time to express work a bit and catch up what I have missed out during the disconnected hours in the meetingroom.

17:25 pm I am not finished with everything that I want but I decide to go for the reverse Hagaparken walk home anyway. It does not feel great to leave without finishing but my work is never finished.

18:10 pm I reach casa Vasa again and eat the same food as I did for breakfast while paying a bill that came in the mail today. A 20 minutes break at home before I leave again.

19:00 pm time for training. A shape class hosted by fab Nike mastertrainer Jessica Clarén is on todays agenda and if it does not hurt tomorrow I will be happy but surprised.

20:00 pm I have to get some new yoghurt at the store so I take a short stop at the store on the way home.

20:30 pm finally home again. I do my dishes and get wet myself in the shower to wash off the memories from the shape class before I fall down at my coach watching Kalla fakta which today is about darknet. Very interesting because I never heard about darknet before.

That was pretty much my Tuesday this week. How has your day been?

/ Pernilla with a weekday summary

I got an iPhone 6!

Iphone 6

Today I am glad that I did not made any efforts at Lidingöloppet yesterday because I woke up with legs that had recovered from muscle pain and could start the day with a Bodybalance class at SATS Odenplan. Then I walked to Kungsholmen to trade my old iPhone to a brand new golden iPhone 6 and I was lucky as a kid on christmas when I walked home with the Apple treasure in my bag. The day followed the relaxed Sunday theme and I went to my brothers place for teatime before I joined him for 75 minutes of spinning at SATS Stadion. The spinning class was great so now after some dinner I am spending this evening together with my iPhone, a bit geeky but I just love Apple stuff.

/ Pernilla the iPhoner

Race report: Lidingöloppet


Here is the medal that I do not deserve. Lidingöloppet 2014 was terrible. Lesson learned one: do not attend Bodycombat and Bodypump two days before a 30K run, lesson learned two: have lots and lots of time margins when going to Lidingö. There was three positive outcomes for the race also: I got a full day out in the sun and forest, I got to start in the V.I.P group since I was running with Adidas tribes and I finished one of my worst runs ever.

The running went terrible. Kilometer one and two were fine but then. So many people, I got elbows from long tall men all over me but the start group was great so I could keep my normal pace of 5:30-5:40 min/km. After two Ks my legs got tired from Thursdays double session and I wanted to escape the race. I wished the muscle pain would exit my legs but it didn’t. 8K into the race I was ready to give up for the first time in my life. But I re-thinked and thought, 10, at 10K I would get my first DNF. When we arrived at the 10K spot I had decided to give up but it was in the middle of nowhere so I thought, 15K, I have to make it until that point and then I can give up. The way from 10 to the 15K mark I was only looking forward to hills so I could walk a bit. At 15K I decided that I had to run a halfmarathon today and after that I could walk as much as I felt for. 16, 17, 18 it felt like I never got to the 21K pass but finally I got there. Only 9K left now and I calculated the remaining time if I walked in moderate speed and I tried to run a bit but I felt like I wanted to through up. Then came Aborrebacken and the Adidas PR crew where cheering in the boost decorated hill so I stopped by for a chat because I was not feeling for running anyway. At this point it was maybe 5K left and all I wanted was to finish the run. My legs had retired long ago and without legs in shape running is a bit difficult. Kilometer sign for 28, I was in heaven. 2K left and my sickness was gone. My painfull legs were still there but now they also saw the end and collaborated towards the finishline. I do not know what time I got because I turned off my watch after 10K and I am not going to check the results either, so if you wanna check me up, do it but do not tell me. 28K of pain and no runnerslove at all summarize todays Lidingölopp. I do not even know if it was a good longrun before New York marathon. It just felt and was terrible today.

/ Pernilla out of runmode

Pre Liiiiiidingöloppet

Today is the day for Lidingöloppet. Scheisse! It feels like ages since I was running the last time, okey, it was at the Runday Monday training this week but I heard (and never listned too) the advice to not overtrain the last week before a long run. I also heard that eating candyhydrates would be a successful concept so yesterday I had candy and clementines for dinner. And I do not even like candy.


Right now I am suffering a bit with the what to wear issue. But I think I have decided to go for no compression socks theme, no music, but shorts, a singlet, Adidas Boston boost shoes and the comfy Runday top. No sunglasses. 30K of Lidingörun is now coming up and if I am ready for it? Well, at least when it comes to outfitting.


Anyone else who will join me at Lidingö today?

/ Pernilla heading to LL

The October trip


It was quite long since I traveled anywhere right now but soon it is time for me to go for a trip. On Thursday next week I am going somewhere. You hear how vague my travel plans are. Going somewhere. I won’t travel too far to like Argentina or Samoa but more somewhere around the middle east like Oman, Maldives or Maruritius or maybe Sri Lanka, Nepal or I don’t know. Somewhere where Quatar airways flies and where you do not need to apply for a visa to get to. That is what I am going to use this Friday evening for – travel research and eating candy so I have enough energy to run 30 kilometers at Lidingöloppet tomorrow!

/ Pernilla the rungeek

SAS Loppet 2014


SAS nalle

While the supercute teddy SAS pilot and his flight attendant date were spending the day indoors at SAS HQ at Frösundavik relaxing in the new business class seat, me and my fellow SAS Run & Walk partner arranged SAS Loppet version 2.0 in Hagaparken. SAS Loppet has been a tradition but it was before my time at the company. When I and some others took over the club SAS Run & Walk last year we decided to continue the tradition.

SAS Loppet

Today it was time for about 100 SASers to run the 6,4K track in Hagaparken. We had printed exclusive t-shirts with the SAS logo “Today I am on fire” on so when everyone ran away our slimmed organization got a short break before it was time for the first superfast ones to finish.


I was not running today but when everyone else ran away I also badly wanted to run. But I also love to arrange things so it was not that hard anyway especially since I know 30K of Lidingöloppet is coming up in a few days. Today I was instaed a bit of everything, race organizer, timing crew, award cermony holder and so on, but still I was suited in Adidas shoes, Gococo socks and comfy Adidas pants.

SAS Loppet

After just 21 minutes and some seconds the first superfast runner from the crewoptimization department crossed the finishline. Short thereafter a whole bunch of other quick Scandinvian staff came one after another over the orange finishline. It was really fun sitting there seeing everyone finishing. Everyone who participated where champions so of course they got a medal. Then it was time for afterrun and price cermony where our partner SAS Eurobonus gave the three fastest men and women really nice prices and we used a slump generator to award racing participants with nice prices from Gococo and Stadium. Now I am kind of over and out for today so I need a bit of sleep now!

/ Pernilla in arranging mode

MH370 – where are you?


For an avgeek like me I like to keep myself updated about what happens with passenger aircrafts and the story of MH370 that dissappeared in March this year is not an exception. I have my own theory about what happened with the aircraft and if you search the blog you will find it. Despite my own theory there are several other ones, more or less belivable but I like to keep myself updated about all of them until the mystery is solved. A friend of mine recommended to watch episode 4 of Vetenskapensvärld (watch it HERE) since they would present their theory behind the choosen point where to search for the aircraft. I just saw the program and I have to say that I am not convinced about their conclusion. I think they are right that the plane continued to fly seven hours after it was lost by the ATC but I am still convinved it turned North and not South when it had passed the Malacka peninsula. I do not like to not know and not knowing the outcome of what actually happended to MH370 feels quite frustrating and that is for me that not even has any relatives or known ones that was on the plane. I really hope they find the plane at the bottom of the ocean soon because I do not hope that my theory is the right one!

/ Pernilla the avgeek