Maybe I have not written it here but I am on the way to the Maldives now. The first flight is done and one to go before reaching the destination. Right now I am at Vienna airport and boarding is about to start soon. Now I look forward to nine hours of good nights sleep in Austrians business class. Quite a luxury. I am not the biggest fan of their 777 aircrafts but the bigger fan of their signature ice cream drinks and a bit of wine is never wrong. 

So why going to the Maldives? Well, I am just curious how it looks there. If the beaches are beautiful, water is crystal clear and if there is anything worth seeing outside of the honeymoon imaged island. I will fly back to Sweden on Tuesday night and if it is too boring there are many flights to take home. 

/ Pernilla at an exploring tour

The walk

Friday is here and I will go for an exploring vacation tonight which I look forward to a lot. But the day I spend at the airline HQ as always and instead of having a standard lunch break eating food I was out for a long walk in the grey shaded Hagaparken. Usually I have a quick eat and then a 30 minutes walk with my collegues but they are not here today so I had a long walk and a bar in front of my laptop instead. Although the grey and slightly cold weather it was a great energy boost. I really feel the difference in the afternoon between the days when you go outside and the days I don’t. Taking a lunch walk is really something g I recommend everyone to do. 10 minutes two times a week is better than nothing, never forget that. By the way, I spotted a new thing in Hagap, a small castle can it be the case that princess Estelle got it for her birthday?

/ Pernilla at work

Those days…

This Thursday had potential to be a really great spring day but unfortunatley it sucked. Almost all over. With two exceptions, the lunchrun with tired legs in sunny spring warm Hagaparken and Norway’s gold in the cross country world championships in Falun that we watched at the office.

Other than that I can say that I am so over and out of lazy, stupied, slow thinking and slow working people that are not doing what they are supposed to do. There are few things that makes me so upset but dealing with all the above on the same time had made me wanna be at another planet the whole day… Those Days…

/ Pernilla in the worst kind of mode

Before and after selfie


Today’s selfie before the indoor running class at SATS Sveavägen with former run star Ingmare. Happy and energy filled mode.

Today’s selfie after a class of indoor running including 10 min warmup, 11km/h speed set of: 1 min incline 2.0, 1min incline 4.0, 1min incline 6.0 with no rest all over five times and ending with 6 times 30 seconds in 15km/h speed with 15 sec resttime. I think that explains my tomatoe red face but happy face. I just love training! Try this workout and I am convinced your face will also look like a sunburned tomatoe.

/ Pernilla the running lover


Having a stylish home is qite important to me and about one year back in time I showed some pics from my casa Vasa. I do myself love to see how it looks inside other people’s home and I also want to share some details from my place where my decoration theme is Scandinavia meets the world.

I do collect Starbucks city mugs and this far my collection is 33 pieces. I had space to bring one home when I was in Taiwan, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia so I really have to travel back there so I can add them to my collection.

Then I also have some Thai elephants that I like since thay are pretty decorative so I am currently using them as an add on with some candles.

And my small magnet collection is not to forget. When I grew up we collected magnets from our trips and also all US states that we been to on family vacation because you could put them together to a puzzle but last year I decided to make my own collection so now I have started to fill up my fridge with some magnets from places I visit. Well, will see how long this tradition will last because I do not like to have too much stuff around.

/ Pernilla showing some pieces of casa Vasa

5 times Monday

That I love Mondays might in fact not be something new to my old followers but I really do and here comes five things making this Monday have been great.

1) I was so not motivated to work last week. Every hour felt like a week and I was not working any minute overtime. Last night my willingness to work was back and it was fun to be back at the airline office today. High pace tempo, unpredictable days and problem solving, that’s what I love with working in a production environment.
2) Two hours of top of the top training at SATS Stadshagen, also called the Monday double was my workout of the day. One shape class making my muscles to work and one Bodyjam turning me into party mode.
3) I started to watch the drama serie House of Cards and got addicted. And if I the one that hate watching tv likes something at tv it is good. Promise.
4) I did as always biked to work and on the way there it was just a bit icy in Hagaparken but on the way home it was terrible. Rainy and strong winds right in my face. I had of course no rain clothes and was freezing like crazy. But taking the bus is not an option to me, if I have decided something I go for it. No matter what. In most cases it is good to be evil but seriously sometimes it is kind of stupid. Biking home in this misery was close to stupid.
5) I filled my body with superfoods today, homemade bagel with cream cheese, turkey and triopicana juice for breakfast, veggie pasta for lunch (will show you guys later) and my favorite yoghurt with berries and musli for dinner. And two slices of my Swiss roll for late night after training snack.
That’s my five for this Monday, how has your day been?
/ Pernilla the Monday lover