Smoothie or milkshake?


I just cooked a blueberry PB2 soymilk milkshake and for a while I have figured about what differentiates a smoothie from a milkshake. Now I looked it up in the fantastic source Wikipedia and smoothie contains more ingridients like syrup, peanut butter, crushed ice, honey and it is thick and based on that fact I can now conclude that I am a milkshake girl, not a smoothie girl.

/ PB2 Pernilla

What’s up Wednesday?

This blogpost is written to those of you that think and always comment about that I have so much vacation, that I never work and keeps on asking about how many vacation days I have a year. My answer is 25. In addition to that I work more than 45 hours a week, so don’t worry that I do not work because I do. So now when the majority of Sweden are enjoying the sun, beach, lazy days abroad, BBQ evenings and so on I am spending my days at the office. I am not questioning anyone having four weeks off in a row about how much vacation they have time after time. I am just so sick of hearing this nonsens talk about the amount of vacation that I have every day I have off from August until May – every year. So what have you guys filled your day?

Mine Wednesday outline today was not filled with beachlife, BBQing or a lazy day. I was working. At the office. Inside in an airconned environment. Then I biked to SATS St Eriksbron for a session of Bodypump and a session of Sha’bam. I also did 300 crunches as an end of the workout and since my abs already got a masterworkout yesterday I let you guess how the first 50 felt. But in total I feeling that my training shape is having an upward trend the last ten days. Although I am not focusing on running right now I have a plan to run my 11th marathon in October or November so when I get back from Japan in the end of August I am going to focus more on that.

Nike SATS St Eriksbron Pernilla Bredolt

/ A Wednesday with Pernilla

Swimgym it is

Swimrun may be the new it, but have you tried swimgym? or gymswim? I did today and it something I strongly recommend. One hour in the gym working out like a duracell, then a bike ride to Brunnsviken where I was swimming for 20 minutes. Epic! Remember where you read about swimgym first.

20140722_201548 20140722_201603/ Pernilla the swimlover

Baking with beans

Bean cake

For a long time I have read a fantastic baking and lifestyle blog written by Roethlisberger. She is making and baking amazing foods and deserts so of course I also wanted to make something out of her things. I thought it would be nice to try baking with beans and if it was to groose I always had a choice to not eat it. Some weeks ago I made her brownie black bean muffins and they turned out to be a huge success. Together with a cup of tea and strawberries I enjoyed a tasty but not too unhealthy late night snack. I will absolutley make more bean creations!

/ Pernilla the baking lover

15K of run fun


15K of summermagi in my Adidas Adios Boost shoes ended my day. A day that have been a good Monday in many ways. Tonights afterworkout route was planned to Djurgården and the air felt like 300 meters South. The wind was warm and it was as perfect it could be. My legs were also in perfect run mode today and it was the kind of run when it felt like you flew over the ground while investing minimum of energy. What I have learnt during all my years of running is that some runs feels crap while other feels perfect and although I do of course not enjoy the crappy ones those runs you just have to keep on going because otherwise you will never ever be able to enjoy the easy ones. Never forget that friends when it feels like your legs are stuck into the ground. Just keep on going, going and going and another day you will get “that” feeling just because you have worked for it. Nothing is free!

/ A tired Pernilla