Eat, sleep, drink repeat

I have arrived in New York. The city of everything. I met lots of pumpkins, super men’s, ghosts and other decorative dressed up Americans tonight but this trip my goal is to keep the Swedish rhythm since the marathon starts very early so almost time for me to sleep after a long day that had included sitting at seat 1A at LN-RKO, eating, drinking, reading and watching the interior of the Airbus I flew with. I know, I never get away from the aircraft world and since I was flying without paying attention to the cabin details was long ago. Tomorrow I hope I can share a more exciting blog story than what I ate at SK903. Eat, drink, sleep repeat was the melody of my Halloween 2014!





/ Pernilla in the US

Guilt free carrot cake

Halloween is almost here and today I had my baking day at work so last evening I made a yummy gluten free carrot cake. For me Halloween is synonymous with carrot cakes and thus my choice fell on that. Homemade sweets are the best and my colleagues also liked it. The baking instructions you find HERE. (I modified by using gluteen free mix instaed of wheat flour, used only 1dl muscavado sugar and 2dl icing sugar for the topping).



/ Pernilla that likes to bake

Be your own travel agency!

I have written this so many times now but on Friday the 31st of October it is my turn to go West. I have been looking forward to this trip so much you can’t imagine. My idea to run New York marathon came to my mind when I graduated from university in June 2009 and now in a few days I will be there. At the start of the worlds finest marathon. 42 195 meters of running in one of my favorite cities in the world. Can you believe it? I can’t.

This vacation does not stop with a city trip to NYC, the week after my marathon run I have vacation but I will not leave the world of aviation behind me. I plan on a South America adventure starting right after the marathon run and that is what I am planning right now. I have very little of experience from traveling in S.America and I do not speak Spanish beyond “hola”. In those situations I think back about that I survived living in South Korea without speaking Korean so honestly what are visits to South American touristic spots compared to the immigration office in Seoul? But of course a seven day trip where I want see and do specific things needs a little bit of planning so now I am going to show you how I go about being my own travel agency.

S. A trip

I start with an empty Excel sheet putting up the following columns: Date, Day, Place, Activity, Transport, Costs. Then I just hope it will work out as planned, and if not, then I change my plan. It is not more difficult than that. And when it comes to researching places to visit I most of the times decide to travel to a place just because it is something particular I want to visit but I do always research the place and my number one source for that is (English version). There is all useful information about travelling, sights, eateries and so on. Last but not least a place to stay at is also quite important. I rarely pre book  any accommodation because I like to have the freedom to be flexible when I travel so if I want to change my plans I can always do that. But when booking hotels I always use because they have everything and for every ten night you get one free. How good isn’t that? I simply do love to get great deals so therefore I also check out when I plan my trips because there you can find lots of other vacation saving deals and discount codes at for example, SAS, Ving, Clubmed and lots of other companies within the field of travelling. When I travel I try to pay as much as I can with my SAS Eurobonus AMEX card to collect points for my next trip and keep control of my costs. Then I just travel and enjoy seeing new places, experience new situations, meeting new faces, getting life lasting memories and filling my camera with photos to bring home! Now I am all set to take off I just have to put my stuff together in my handlagugage because I always travel light.

/ Pernilla the big time travel lover

4, 3, 2, 1… New York Marathon

Four tiny little days left until New York marathon. My first NYC marathon an my 11th time running the marathon distance at my 31st US visit exactly 20 years after my first trip to the big apple. So do I feel prepared? The honest answer is I do not know. Like snabbafotter wrote in his blog a lot can happen during the 42 195 meters of running and my personal goal for this marathon is to have fun and enjoy every moment. Now with only four days left until race day all training is done and from now on I am going to save my running energy so this is how my training week looks like until it is time to start:

Monday: Runday session: 10 * app. 400 meters running at Stockholm stadion

Tuesday: Spinningpulse at SATS Hötorget

Wednesday: Bodypump the easy way and Sha’bam at SATS St Eriksbron

Thursday: 5K running and Yoga at SATS

Friday: Morningwalk, flying to the US and halloween celebrations

Saturday: NYC day with minimal walking

Sunday: Race day!


/ Pernilla that is bringing her pink Adidas boston boost to the US

The time between apples and strawberries


At this time of the year when the last apples are falling off their trees and there are months and months until it is time to pick strawberries it is pretty easy to feel empty of energy due to the lack of sunlight. Instead of thinking about the darkness as something negative I prefer to lighten it up as much as possible. Like me, most other 7-17 office workers do spend the light hours indoors but why not take a lunch walk or jog outside with the colleagues? And time is something everyone can get. For example if you have a brainstorming meeting conduct it outside during a walk. And when you get home light lots and lots of candles, learn to like and love winter sports, don’t only stick to dark colored clothes since it is fall, travel to a sunny place for a while or simply go swimming at the local pool. Those are my most simple tips to lighten up the time between apples and strawberries. What are yours? Help me fill in the list now I am gotta go to attend the super challenging spinning pulse session at SATS Hötorget.

/ Pernilla in fall mode

Walking back the memory line


Check out what I just ate for lunch. Falukorv and miniature macaroni. It is quite interesting to me that this classical dish is and many others that I grew up eating now belongs to black listed foods. Well, I still feel great after my lunch so it really can’t be that bad.


The other theme of my day has been laziness. I was of course out running for an hour but other than that I am more or less stacked watching an American drama tv series called Make it or break it about elite gymnastics in the US including an overload of drama. Well, now I have to leave my lazy position as go for a walk in my old hoods to check it all out before I go back to the capital of Scandinavia.

/ Pernilla in the Gryta hoods

Chillaxing weekend in V-town


I had plans of going to the alps this weekend but since they changed time of Sunday’s return flight and I did not felt for traveling through CPH I changed plans from Geneva, to Stockholm but ended up in my hometown Västerås. So suddenly I was sitting at one of my best friends balcony drinking wine while the rain was pouring down.


Today I woke up to another gray and rainy day so in the morning I went with my parents to Skultuna for some unnecessary shopping. I found one nice thing that I will show later on.


Now I just got back from a 14K run in the Greta forest. I simply love that running trail and has so always done. I remember at high school when we had a mandatory course “health pedagogic” and had to do and write a report about how we preferred to relief stress. Also at that time I was running so I went for a run in the Gryta forest and then took a long bath in our jacuzzi. Life quality for me 12 years ago – life quality for me today. Have a nice Saturday folks now I am jumping into the bath!

/ Pernilla in V-town