December 18

Less than a week to Christmas and not that many tasks from the advent calendar to choose between more. I started my with a 12K jogging tour at Kungsholmen, over Västerbron, Södermälarstrand, Slussen and back home through Kungsholmen. This winter is this far totally according to my preferences. Warm and snow free. I did something with my right calf muscle a few days ago so it does feel like normal therefore no running until now this week. Today it felt soso but runnable so after I was finished a made a home made massage with my baking equipment. It do actually help so if you do not want to invest in training stuff like foam rollers that will just lay around at home after a while anyway be creative and use what you have at home. And today’s advent task was taking a massage.

/ Pernilla that had a Thursday run

December 17

Making a green dish was on today’s advent calendar agenda but I am eating veggie lunch every day and I do not cook at home right at the moment so I filled the the night with some other green stuff. Getting a Christmas three. I got a tiny, lovely and just perfect one. Tomorrow I will buy some lights to it. I love Christmas and my whole cast vasa feels like a Christmas museum right now. Apart from decorating my crib I been doing some body movement. I visited asATS Tule for a power step class that was soso, so tomorrow more and better training!



/ Pernilla in casa Christmas

December 16

The first thing that I thought of when coming back from US is how dark it is here. It took me just one week to forget about it but soon it will slowly get nice and bright again. One of the tasks on the Träningsglädje advent calendar was to take a morningwalk in the darkness and today I walked to my office. It was a nice walk through Hagaparken and I enjoyed listening to Marathonpodden where Claes Åkesson was the guest and of course some christmas music while getting awake. My legs are still a bit tired from the Sunday halfmarathon but hey, could be worse. They were not all tired and after all they managed to survive a 60 minuter tough spinning pulse class at SATS Hötorget. A nice Tuesday in the dark. What have you been up to guys?

/ Pernilla in the dark

December 15

I flew home from the United States last evening with SK904 after yet another fab trip. I slept very good in my characteristic meet ball position. At home the rain was pouring down when I came to the office where I have spent the day dreaming about Christmas stuff. So at home I put dreams into actions, wearing my Santa socks and made lussebuns. Yum! I also watched SVT’s Lucia morning and had a glas of glögg so now it feels like real Christmas! I do not know which advent calendar mission this was because I just did a bit of everything.



/ Pernilla at home

December 14

Last vacation day and I did very spontaneously joined a half marathon in Central Park. But it was of course a fab event arranged by NYRR. Remember the name New York Bonzai half marathon until next December if you are heading to NYC for some fun. I had a super burger at Shake Shack yesterday and I wonder if it was any suspicion inside it because I had loads of runergy to get out. The 21Ks felt like a walk in the park and I finished the run in 1:50 hours and it was supposed to be the “be very tired” task from the advent calendar that I am following but I never got extremely tired, it was just a happy Sunday run and a perfect end of the vacation.

/ Pernilla the run for fun girl

December 13

I had a good nights sleep onboard the Hawaiian plane to JFK although I woke up time after time since I was starving. But now I am here and I have never before seen this many people in this city. It is crowded everywhere. I checked out some Christmas trees here and they are absolutely top notch ones. That compensated for missing the Lycia celebrations. Then I was supposed to do some shopping but it was impossible due to all people and I can’t take it when you have to wait inline for just entering a store do I just went to Bloomingdales, Victoria’s Secret, Zara, Banana republic and a few others. Most of the places had 40% off everything today so a really good weekend for shopping here if you could manage the crowds. Now Is will sleep because tomorrow I will run the last half marathon of 2014 in Central Park. Just because I feel for it! Just one more thing, New York Christmas really is like in movies.



/ Pernilla in NYC

December 12

Halfway through until Christmas and I am still at Hawaii enjoying sandy beaches, crystal clear water, sunny days and the Polynesian hospitality. I really don’t mind being here. This last day at this magic place I started with running the last 10Ks of the Honolulu marathon route and it was amazing. Million dollar views all the way alongside the coast. I had my bikini under my shorts and t-shirt so when I was done running I went straight into the pacific at Waikiki beach. I guess the advent calendar task of the day was taking a swim and dry up in the sun – original task was visit a pool and sauna- but that is over course here at Hawaii. A Starbucks frappe on that and I am good for a 10 hour night flight to New York. Couldn’t had a better ending of this vacation than this!



/ Pernilla the Hawaii lover