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Miracles can happen!

ImageLike that me, Pernilla Bredolt, the most anti morning running person voluntarily goes for a morning run at 8 am at Kungsholmsstrand and Pampas. But it was absolutley awsome. Blue sky, chilly but fresh air and just amazing.

ImageHalf way into my 10K I stopped for making some planks combined with a selfie photo session before I turned back to the city.

Image And look what I found at the end of my route, a China gym in Stockholm style. Kungsholmen are investing in wellbeeing for their inhabitants – thumb up for that!

/ Pernilla the morning jogger


ImageMH370 – the flightnumber that now is know to the whole world is more than a month after dissapearence still a mystery to the world. Where is the plane? During the last month I have followed the news, read several theories about the plane and also built up my own one. Yesterday I watched Kalla Fakta at TV4 where they discussed the theory about that litium batteries have caused a rapid fire that lead to the accident. Well, strange is it and I hope that we will get to know what caused the Boeing 777 plane to go down (if it is not hijacked and still exist somewhere in the world). Anyway, if you have followed the news about MH370 nothing new was coming up in the documentary at TV4, but I also noted that Discovery channel made a documentary about MH370 so I will check that out as well at one point but now I am going to surprise the world and go out for a morning run before I head to the airport.

/ Pernilla the funrunner

Eastern holiday it is

ImageToday’s outfit picture included nothing more or less than clothes. Black jeans, black top, white cardigan and an antique A&F jacket. That was topped with a functional Pocahontas hairstyle. This Tuesday has included Tuesday like things like a magic walk to work though Hagaparken where I spotted lots of morning runners. I give all creds to people who are able to run during the early hours of the day because I am not. A little bit after 4 pm I checked out from the SAS office and checked in to my LH flight that tomorrow evening departs towards China and also at the superduper good spinningpulse class at SATS. My performance today was terrible though. I do not know what I did wrong but I really did my best but the pulse was behaving strange.

ImageThen I packed my Samsonite bag for my journey and I am bringing some real eastern candy that I found at the store some days ago. It was many years since I saw these eggs since I have not spent any eastern in Sweden for years. I just hope Cloetta hasn’t changed the taste of them.

/ Pernilla having Eastern holiday

April, the new May?

ImageHas April become the new May? I think so. At least if you look into the nature that is filled with flowers and the agenda that is filled with do’s. My day started 05:54 as usual but just after 6 am I opened my worklaptop and had homeoffice for some hours in the morning before I picked up my Visa to China. And I got approved but if I wanna go again (or to another country requiring Visa) I have to change passport because that was the last doubble page I had left. Then I biked to Frösis for some work, a lunchwalk in sunny Hagaparken with some collegues, then I followed up with more work until 4.30 when I biked back to casa Vasa and an hour of realxing time, doing the first step of my laudry and eating some keso with strawberries before the evening activities. And those activities were:

  • Runday Monday: the first time for me this year in Karlbergsparken and it got better than I expected today at the interval path that I joined. After warmup we ran 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1min intervals around AIKs training field and I imagined there were some angry AIK supporters chasing me when I sloved down and I guess that helped.
  • Bodyjam with Energi & Magi at SATS Stadhagen: not the most natural combo together with Runday but not that bad with some Monday disco after a run.

Now I feel pretty over and out for today but I do unfortunatley have to go down to the washingmachine, picku up and fold my laundry. I think I had not mentioned that I love Mondays, that is definitley the peak day of the week!

/ Pernilla having a Monday boost

Pernilla goes extreme

ImageLast night I got some good energy from tapas, cava and wine and although I am not in sweet 17 anymore I managed to survive without a hangover so I decided to make an activity today that I have been thinking of since I moved here to Stockholm 2,5 years ago – trying out Ursvik Extreme. I have been running parts of it but not the whole 15K route so today was the day. I hate public transportation so of course I biked there. Of course I got lost since I never go to the suburbs but after an hour of bikingwarmup I finally got to the place. The Extreme trail iteself was impossible to get lost on since there were marks all over the forest, but the Extreme was not as extreme as I expected. It was actually nothing special at all. Just a normal run in the forest. No real trailrunning what so ever. Okey, some worse ups and downs but those you could count in at one hand. But basically it was like the Gryta forest or Rocklundaskogen in Västerås where I ran during my childhood plus some dangerous animals (horses and wild dogs). It more feels like been there, done that and I still prefer Djurgården, Hagaparken and Kungsholmen when it comes to running in Stockholm.

ImageBut look at my beloved Adidas boost shoes, they look more trashy than ever. My best runningshoes ever, they can’t be both dirty and broken. I never want to throw these away!

/ Pernilla that is sad that her boost shoes looks like scrap