Tour de Miami


This Miami day started with a bike tour at the funniest beachbike I ever tried. It was really nice crusing around at Sobe.


I also toured the Ventian island and to downtown Miami. Among all boats that I spotted I also saw one jumping dolphin. The biking paths here are pretty good here actually but after four hours I had enough and needed to cool off…

Miami beach

so I headed to the beach, got sand between my toes and all over myself in between I enjoyed the turquose water. But the water did not had a cooling effect because it is really, really warm I would guess 28 degrees. Now I am cooling off for real inside before it is time for an evening run followed by dinner and drinks. I have never ever had a boring day in this city!

/ Pernilla the Miami lover

Miami beach vacay day

Sunrise in Miami

Miami beach must be the ultimate vacation place. Today I woke up just before seven and since the breakfast started at 8 am I checked out the sunrise and I have to say it was absolutley awsome.


Then my newly found vacation hang out people that I met asked if I wanted to do yoga at the beach with them and I am not the one who is the one so I joined. And loved it.


Then I spent the day at the pool and beach. Just like you are supposed to do while on holiday. Reading books and just chilling out.


But after a day of chillout my legs was getting bored so I went out for todays second run at the beachwalk. That was also awsome except the two kilometers I had to run in the sand. Now I am going for a night out in Sobe like good old times but maybe not a whole night out beacuse I am a bit tired.

/ Pernilla with vacation greetings

Miami beach

Ladies and gents I am back at Miami beach! I got a warm welcome because it is steaming hot down here. 30 degrees in Sweden is not like 30 degrees here. But I do not mind the Florida heat, it is fantastic. Today I have done nothing except walked 60 streets at the beach and tried out the warm water. Eating I have not been doing more since I got fed up over my ears after the flight here.

20140725_174304  20140725_20114020140725_200844/ Pernilla in Miami

A day onboard Lufthansa

I am in Miami now! The flight trip took in total 18 hours door to door but with the time difference and so it did not felt that long. I got up 3:50 am then I took the 6:05 LH flight to Frankfurt where I had lots of time before the transatlantic flight departed at 10:30. Then I spent the coming 11 hours in LHs A380 businessclass seat 18D which was pretty comfy. I watched the movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt that was not that good, had lunch and drinks, slept for five hours, watched a documentary about ultrarunning in deserts which was good, ate dinner and saw my third movie of the day – Hundraåringen which was not my cup of tea before we touched down in Miami. Usually I do not take pictures while traveling businessclass because I know that some people traveling there do not want to be in the background but today I managed to take some without involuntary people on. 20140725_114946 20140725_120845 20140725_12472020140725_123837 / Pernilla that love A380

Running & swimming

26 degrees at 8:30 pm – I am just loving the weather here in Stockholm right now. And when it comes to running in the heat I do not mind at all. Tonight I took a 10Ker at Kungsholmen and Pampas and runningwise it did as always when it is warm feels easier. Sometimes I got weird ideas and now I am in a swimming period so I ran with my bikini under my runningwear and when I was finished running I jumped into Mälaren for a bitter sweet swim. If I would have had some kind of talent for swiming I think swimrun could be my thing.

Bada/ Swimrunning Pernilla