Outside office – yes, please!

ImageWelcome to my Tuesday! I could not have had a better start of the day, waking up to beautiful sunshine followed by a wake up walk to work through Hagaparken.But now sitting inside at the desk feels like a prison especially when the window is facing Brunnsviken and the only thing I want is to be outside. I wish I could take my laptop and sit outside at the terrace and work…

/ Pernilla dreaming of thhe beautiful outdoors

Flower power in Casa Vasa

If I would have had another job outside my office job I would have loved to work with homestaging. Finding unique, nice stuff to decorate homes with would be so much fun. I spend quite a lot of time to search for the right items to decorate my Casa Vasa with and the last weekend I finally found some decorations that fitted.

ImageFirst a huge orchaid to my kitchen window. Simple, stylish and just the right thing for a huge window in the 19century style.

ImageSecondly some more flowers but this time tulips in a pot that I have placed on the same shelf as my shells from all over the world. And of course it has a miniature of my favourite aircraft A380.

ImageThen last of all an eastern decoration have moved in to my Casa Vasa. Hubert is the name of him.

/ Pernilla the home decorator

Heading for a weekend!

ImageYesterday it was winter like and snow and today it is spring deluxe outside. Here we are talking about contrasts. Right now I am really looking forward to the weekend that I am going to spend in Stockholm. Actually one of few spring weekends that I will be in Stockholm this year so right now I am so happy about spending the weekend in Converse shoes.

ImageAnd I hope to spot some spring signs. Maybe some tussilagos on the way home?

/ Pernilla heading for a weekend

The act of balancing

I do not like to have usless stuff laying around at my place so I made some spring cleaning today. Out with some old stuff.

ImageAnd in with some fresh new spring stylish stuff for my casa Vasa and for myself. The things I treated myself with was two pairs of back office pants, one gorgeus pink dress, one comfy spring stylish dress that is comfortable to travel in and wear at work and two pair of cozy socks. Can’t be more fair right?Image/ Pernilla the Saturday shopper

Hello again world!


Hello blogging world, I am back with new inspiration and energy to put into bloggable stories. I think I just needed a break. Thinking about this and that and thinking once and twice about it. Alalyze it. Think. Rething and make a decision that I stick to. The way I work so to say. But now I am back to stay with this blog as well.

ImageApart from working fulltime I have been meeting up with the spring in Paris since the last time I wrote. That was a weekend including chillout time, sun, sunnies, croassiants, wine, crepé and a bit of running along Saine. Which you can read about HERE.  How have you been doing latley guys?

/ Cheers from Pernilla