Stuff & style

Like most other people I like nice stuff so when I find them I buy them. Simple. At the airport in Miami I was lucky to find the wallet of wallets so I got it straight away. I had been looking for the perfect one in a quite long time so once I saw it, it took me zero seconds to decide that it would be mine. The fact that the wallet was a Michael Kors one did not made the decision tougher I have to say. Isn’t it the perfect one?

Michael Kors

/ Pernilla that got a new stylish thing

Midsummerday – the relaxing version

Midsummer of 2014 continue with the same theme of relaxation, taking walks and eating in my hometown Västerås. Every time I come here it feels like another world compared to Stockholm. It is so quitet and small.

ImageIn the afternoon we went to playa Västerås aka Lögarängen where the worlds most unfittable palm threes has been planted. It could have been a funny idea but instaed it looked all weird and misfitted. So after a little walk walk there we went to Ekhagen and had a long and nice walk. It was many years since my last visit so it was fun to be back and see how it had developed.

ImageThen we went back home to have some dinner. Homemade hamburgers with an overload of Heniz ketchup right from the grill, halloumni, sallad and homebaked hamburger bread. It tasted great but it was too cold to sit outside today aswell.

ImageNow I am continuing on this chilling weekend in the couch, watching Iran playing against Argentina in the soccer worldcup and eat strawberry and ruhab cheesecake that my mum made. Tomorrow I will for sure not keep these lazy habits and eating both dinner and desert because then I will roll back to Stockholm at night…

/ Pernilla having a superchill weekend in V-town

Two times cool stuff

I am a big liker of cool stuff and thoughts in general that are outside the box. This week two perfect examples of outside the box thinking have appeared in Hagaparken and when I see these creative ideas my brain also starts to become more creative.

ImageThe first thing is the soccerbox that Cancerfonden has built. A perfect way to enjoy soccer in the shade when the sun is the strongest.

ImageThe second thing is Scandic’s pop up hotel. How amazing isn’t that idea? Pop up hotels instaed of popup stores, why not?

/ Pernilla liking cool stuff


ImageI just wanted to show you the cutest of the cute breakfast bowls that I brought with me from Switzerland. Mr Cow. I do not like to have too much stuff so I pick what I own carefully and this cow is one of the selected pieces that comes into my crib. The first meal I had in my sweet bowl was a müsli and milk dinner that I enjoyed after a spinning pulse session plus a visit at the gym. My foot is resting from running today, tomorrow, on Wednesday and maybe also Thursday depending on how it looks and feels so until then I will fulfill my workout need.

/ Pernilla that is happy with her cow bowl

Happy mothersday!

ImageI know everyone say that they have the best mum in the world and I also do. Unfortunatley I will not be able to celebrate mothersday together with my mum today since I work with the European parliament elections but here comes the electronic version of greetings with a picture from January this year when we hanged out in Singapore for some days. My mum loves to travel as much as I do so guess where my traveling genes are coming from? In two weeks I will also celebrate mothersday a bit because then I am going to see my mum again after way to long because then we are heading to Barcelona! Happy mothersday miniature mum and all other mums!

/ Greetings from Pernilla


ImageSummer is here and there is a lot of things I wanna do and plan to do this summer, some new things, some old things so I decided to make a list of it all. The summer did for me started yesterday and ends the 31st of August so now bring it! These are my wanna do’s: Try SUP yoga, kayaking, sailing, visit Sigtuna, visit Rosersbergs castle, doing BBQ, drink wine and cava at outdoor places, Barcelona weekend, play kubb, play brännboll, run Runrundan, travel to the Maldives/Seychelles, visit Norrland for a weekend, check out Quatar, fly Quatar airways dreamliner, try the businessclass in Boeing 747-800, eat milkshake at Flippin burgers, travel to Japan and check out the beaches there, run New Calendonia halfmarathon, play minigolf (but only if I winn), eat soft vanilla icecream, visit Västerås, do inline skating, visit the archepelago in Stockholm and of course also do lots and lots of other things. Did I mentioned that I will will work the whole summer aswell?

/ Pernilla the summerlover