Sporty weeks


Isn’t it strange that it is always like this – when you are not at home it feels like everything happens and when you are at home it feels like it is quiet as at a cementry? I guess it is most of the time just a feeling but the two coming weekends that I will spend away from Stockholm it feels like there are tons of activities. Like Rebook’s immersive fitness at Gärdet where you can try out 3D classes with Bodycombat and other Les Mills classes, train with Adidas Tribes, follow the European Athletics Championships on TV, follow Ironman Kalmar and of course run Midnattsloppet. One of my favorite runs that I only participated in two times. On the topic of Midnattsloppet I got a great news today, my favorite sportsbrand Adidas is taking over the sponsorship from Nike. So guess who for sure not going away from Stockholm this weekend next year? Moi.

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#13 is my number

Nice food

A dinner for champions with some energizing coffee, yoghurt and müsli and Polar bread with philla cheese and thin slizes of sausage later I was ready to finish up lots of at home stuff before I tomorrow travel to Vienna after work. I finally made a travel plan and that includes tomorrow evening and half Friday in Vienna. So if you have any sights to recommend for tomorrow evening shoot!

20140813_201716Then I also had some movements on my schedule and spending two hours at SATS at Bottnes superdubbel would of course have been fun but I felt that I had to prioritze other activities today so I decided to do the esiest training ever – running. A pair of Adidas adios boost shoes, Gococo socks, Nike shorts, a t-shirt, a Nike sportswatch and nothing more, I just went outside my door and ran a 10Ker at route 1C. Route 1C includes a returnrun over Västerbron and even though it was my fifth training day in a row it felt superbe. This whole day was more or less superb but then it is the 13th also, my favorite number! How was your 13th of August?

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Perfectly unstructured travelplan


You guys may think that I am highly skilled at travelplanning but the truth is that I am the worst sort. This Japan vacation is not an acception from the rule and I can not even count the times I have changed destinations in the last minute depending on the weather or the travel route. Accommondation I rarley book before I have to and the final plan A, B and C how to get home I make the evening before getting home. The what to see and do at the destinations I read about on the plane there. This Japan trip I prefer to be in Tokyo on Saturday morning but the big question is how to get there? The thing I know most about is the hotel in Tokyo where there is a spa and pillow menu and that I have to travel through Ueno station to get there. Well, at least something. Now I am really going get a grip on myself trying to find the golden route to the far East. May it be with SK983? or LH716? or OS51? or something else…

/ Pernilla the traveller without travelplans

Spinning pulse without pulse

Two weeks ago the whole city was empty. To empty for my taste. Now it is different. Everyone and everything is back and as usual and today the worldclass super hot spinning pulse (today without pulse) was back. I was there. 18:00 sharp at SATS Hötorget. The class was not the best ever but ten weeks after the last master class I did not cared that much about that. It was just great it was back on the schedule. And it was no real close to death experience today since I need the pulse system to pressure myself to the max but it was awsome anyway and although my legs were not shaking when I walked home I am for sure going to feel the tough Tuesday tomorrow.

Afterworkout selfie

/ Pernilla captured at an afterworkout #selfie


Cheers for Runday Monday

So it was Monday again. A new week with new possibilities, I hate that cliché, but Monday’s I do love. After a day at the office I headed to the Runday Monday training at Karlberg. Now it was a while since I was there since I had a summerbreak from it but it was as fun as always. Warmup around AIK’s soccerfield, some running excersices followed by some running and more running. 3-2-1 minute intervals was my pick of the day and although my legs felt quite tired in the end due to yesterdays halfmarathon it felt great to be back.

Bye the way, this week the European championships in athletics takes place in Zurich and one of Runday’s trainers, superstar Charlotte will participate in the Swedish marathon team – how cool isn’t that?

20140718_21240720140718_212216/ Pernilla on the run

Yes, yes, yes – 21 enjoyable K’s


The last 1,5 months my running has been nothing else than a terrible story. Once in a while I have done a pretty good run but the rest has been a joke. 50% of every kilometer has felt like a nightmare and that I have been running ten marathons and lots of halfmarathons felt like a joke. A 10Ker was like a never ending story. The worst run of them all was this Tuesday or was it Wednesday when every step after three kilometers was torture. And when all tourists at the Vikingline boat was taking pictures of Djurgården and me that was slowly, slowly running and disturbed their kodak moments I felt like a complete joke. So when I went out for my planned Sunday halfmarathon today it was not with the best selfconfidence I hit the road towards Kungsholmen to run over Västerbron and around Södermalm and then back home to casa Vasa again.


I also felt like a super nerd since I had my waterbelt. Who did I think I was? a runpro? To my big surprise the first five K’s felt great and also the following five. I do not like to run at Söder because I am not a fan of the atmosphere there or the cobble stones so I just tried to get around as fast as possible. After 15K I passed by Tanto and after that it is the part of Söder which I hate the most so I just focused on running getting back to my beloved bridge again and after that it was almost nothing left. Up until 20K the run was a walk in the park. Effortless and still okey pace but the last kilometer was a bit tougher but I made it. The first halfmarathon in three weeks! High five on that! I celebrated with trying the new Ramlösa Moji tea and it tasted awfull. I took one zip, spitted it out and held the rest in the drain.

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A visit to the grocery store

Visit the grocery store is not my favorite thing but sometimes it is needed. I did once started to blog about food just because I then needed to put some effort into my cooking and not just eat yoghurt and müsli for breakfast and dinner and chicken or white fish with pasta and lingonberries for lunch one day after another. I will never get tired of those dishes but at some points I need a little break from my favorites. I just been to ICA to do my weekly grocery session and was hungry and had no idea what to buy so I decided to collect my favorites and go for another week with chicken and pasta for lunch. Next week I am going to eat sushi and takoyoaki therefore I filled my fridge up with these tasty standard items:


Ramlösa kiwi to cool down with after a training session, ruhab dinner yoghurt that taste like a king, almond milk for my smoothies, normal milk when I feel for müsli and milk for dinner, kesella with blueberry taste that I do not know when to eat and with what it just looked like something I potentially would like so I got one, perle de lait yoggi that is best served with big frozen blueberries and cinnamon for breakfast together with a nectarine, Kebne bread that is best served with bregott and thin slices of ham and cucumber if I am more hungry for dinner and Jazz apples that is a perfect afternoon snack if I at some point remember to bring it to work. That was a weekly standard grocery shopping for me, boring to read about? well, then don’t read it.

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