December 14

Last vacation day and I did very spontaneously joined a half marathon in Central Park. But it was of course a fab event arranged by NYRR. Remember the name New York Bonzai half marathon until next December if you are heading to NYC for some fun. I had a super burger at Shake Shack yesterday and I wonder if it was any suspicion inside it because I had loads of runergy to get out. The 21Ks felt like a walk in the park and I finished the run in 1:50 hours and it was supposed to be the “be very tired” task from the advent calendar that I am following but I never got extremely tired, it was just a happy Sunday run and a perfect end of the vacation.

/ Pernilla the run for fun girl

December 13

I had a good nights sleep onboard the Hawaiian plane to JFK although I woke up time after time since I was starving. But now I am here and I have never before seen this many people in this city. It is crowded everywhere. I checked out some Christmas trees here and they are absolutely top notch ones. That compensated for missing the Lycia celebrations. Then I was supposed to do some shopping but it was impossible due to all people and I can’t take it when you have to wait inline for just entering a store do I just went to Bloomingdales, Victoria’s Secret, Zara, Banana republic and a few others. Most of the places had 40% off everything today so a really good weekend for shopping here if you could manage the crowds. Now Is will sleep because tomorrow I will run the last half marathon of 2014 in Central Park. Just because I feel for it! Just one more thing, New York Christmas really is like in movies.



/ Pernilla in NYC

December 12

Halfway through until Christmas and I am still at Hawaii enjoying sandy beaches, crystal clear water, sunny days and the Polynesian hospitality. I really don’t mind being here. This last day at this magic place I started with running the last 10Ks of the Honolulu marathon route and it was amazing. Million dollar views all the way alongside the coast. I had my bikini under my shorts and t-shirt so when I was done running I went straight into the pacific at Waikiki beach. I guess the advent calendar task of the day was taking a swim and dry up in the sun – original task was visit a pool and sauna- but that is over course here at Hawaii. A Starbucks frappe on that and I am good for a 10 hour night flight to New York. Couldn’t had a better ending of this vacation than this!



/ Pernilla the Hawaii lover

December 11

I am at Hawaii today as well and it is not often I wish I could stay longer at certain places (some exceptions of course) but I really do not want to leave this fab place tomorrow evening. Well, I am heading to New York so not that bad but still. I love Hawaii. Today I have checked out another city, Kailua, and it was the beach that made me go there. And what a beach. The second nicest beach I ever been to after Boracay. It was a bit cloudy so the pictures did not turned out that fab but it made it more comfortable to enjoy the beach. I walked all of it and then I also did some core exercises but I had no lussebuns to wait for as the description of the advent calendar task said but who needs lussebuns anyway?



/ Pernilla the beach lover

December 10

It is 11 hours time difference from Sweden to here at Hawaii but luckily I have not faced any extreme jet lag. I wake up at 3 am every night check the watch and go back to sleep until 6:30 am which is perfect so I can watch the sunrise, have a light breakfast and perform a morning run. This is a perfect place for running and today I took my tired legs for a 10K run at the 10th. Just like the advent calendar say, run as many kilometers as the date. The route I have been running towards the airport is so scenic that you almost forget to run. Mountains, the ocean, other runners, palm trees, surfers, boats and lovely flowers all around – it is simply too good to be true. After the run I have not done anything except spending hours and hours in the water. I did not broke my 8 hour record but four hours isn’t bad either. Now I am going to finish up my tea and watch some Christmas then I am pretty finished for today with activities.

/ The Hawaii Pernilla

December 9

Aloha from Hawaii! I am sort of enjoying the vacation life here at Honolulu and this beautiful Tuesday morning I started with a 10K run. Neither more or less, but the run path was one of the best I tried this far in my life. Just amazing. On Sunday Honolulu marathon takes places and if I had known that before I went here it wouldn’t be impossible that I would have joined the only marathon in the world without a maximum time to complete the 42 195 meter course.
After the morning run and some hours in the Pacific Ocean I got my legs moving again. For the afternoon I had planed a hike to the top of Diamond head and guess what, it was awesome (check out pilla85 at Instagram for a video). My first time on this Hawaiian top notch sight and therefore also s check mark in the advent calendar for the task of training something you have not done before. I have of course hiked but not to this peak and honestly, four hours of walking in 28 degrees and sun is training.



/ Pernilla at blue Hawaii

December 8

I left LA this morning and took Hawaiians first flight of the day to Honolulu. At noon I arrived to the island of Oahu and the airport looked as I remembered it to be at my last visit twenty years ago. I had a smoothie and then I headed straight to the beach. Waikiki beach. It was more beautiful than I remembered it to be and I am absolutely in love with this place. Mountains, palm trees, beach, sun and crustal clear water – what more do you need in vacation paradise? I spent the next hours at the beach, swimming a bit, reading a book and just watching the amazing view. I guess watching the amazing view is as similar to meditation that I ever will get so that is today’s advent calendar task. Thinking about life at Waikiki beach. Sun, sand and Hawaii magic!


/ Pernilla at Hawaii