April challenge

ImageI am the kind of a listaholic. Love to have structure with lists, plans and to-do’s so when I get a chance to make a list I take it. For the April deal that I made with myself including 30 training sessions a list with 30 fill in eastern eggs was a must. Today it’s the 11th and I have now filled out ten of the slots that I got. The tenth I completed after work today and that was a Bodypump class. It was a while since I visited one but to my big surprise I managed to do the workout with the same weights as last time! So now I am celebrating that one third of the April mission is completed but not with some nice wine because that I save for tomorrow, instaed I indulge myself with a bowl of unhealthy exotic snack so now I will have a lot of spare energy to use for filling in the remaining eggs at my calendar.

/ Pernilla doing the April mission

Fresh Food Friday

ImageI have just invented a new thing, Fresh Food Friday. So from today Friday’s lunch will consist of a colourful and fresh sallad. The mix of today included lots and lots of yummi stuff like crayfish, lettuce, cherrytomatoes, carrots, cheese and more tomatoes which was a great energy boost before the weekend. From now on I declare Friday as Fresh Food Friday, who is in?

/ Pernilla having a sallad day

Training Thursday

ImageI am in a big fat training flow right now. That kind of flow when all training feels too fun, I never want the sessions to end and once they are over I look forward to the next one. Today I have been activating myself twice (except from walking to and from our new SAS office at Frösis). First one hour of floorball during lunch in our fantastic fullsized floorball arena and then some running and a shape class at SATS. I cheated a bit and walked back home since I had no good running shoes but a bit of walking is never wrong. On the second training of the day I had the most comfortable training shirt in the world, Adidas supernova long sleve shirt I am definitley going to buy one more when I find it in a colour that i like. Last but not least I am wrapping up this training day with an after training selfie.

/ Pernilla the training freak

Marathon SS 2014 to come!

ImageI had pretty much decided that my marathonrunning “career” or era should finish after my 10th marathondistance run but during the last weeks I have rethinked about it since I really feel the need for my wellbeeing to have some tougher but reachable goals to aim for. So now I have decided that my marathon “career” is not over and I will look for a marathon challenge somewhere in the world around midsummer time to train for, just because I hate it and love it. I love to focus my training on a specific goal and I would lie if I said running a marathon is ejoyable to 100%. Maybe to 75%. At some point between 30 and 40 kilometers it is not that enjoyable at all but but once you cross the 40 kilometer mark and know that you only have two tiny kilometers left to run it does somehow gets enjoyable again and all pain from the last hour is gone. But after all it is so worth it otherwise I would of course not keep on doing it. And it is also a reason to make another trip to an exciting destination. So now I will research the marathon calendars and find the “to be” run for my spring/summer marathon 2014 and with good training and more long runs of about 30 kilometers I hope it can be more than 75% enjoyable.

/ Pernilla going for a marathon challenge

Granola for horses

Things that I especially love in my life is traveling, aviation business and aircrafts, training, Smögen and müsli. I have not fitted all of it into my agenda today but a close to death but really enjoyable spinningpulse class, a full workday plus a bit more of aircraft related stuff and müsli. Müsli with milk or crunchy with yoghurt are among my favorite eats and when it comes a new müsli at my ICA store I am the first one to try and review it. Today I bought a for me new crunchy granola with hazelnuts and raisins from a Renée Voltaire that I had high expectations about. I often buy products of this brand but as fast as I opened the package I got dissappointed. Where was the raisins? not in my bag. And the hazelnuts? neither those were in my bag.

ImageAnd the taste, it tasted like horsefood. So if you do not like to eat horsefood skip this one! Thanks but no thanks I say to this crunchy and I will keep on sampling all new breakfasts eats at my ICA store to find the best in test of springseason 2014.

/ Pernilla the crunchie

Every Tuesday is a Tuesday

Tuesday it is and has so been for quite many hours. I feel that it is time for a structured today’s list so here it is:

  • Today’s outfit: black dress, thick knitted cardigan and ballerinas.
  • Today’s work: a normal day, some happy moments, some frustrating moments, some angry moments and some “but why”? moments.
  • Today’s lunch: ready made crepés that one colleague thought I have made myself.
  • Today’s TV watching: Nyhetsmorgon and Aktuellt.
  • Today’s news intake: businessclass.se, dagensmedia.se, dn.se, Huffingtonpost and di.se.
  • Today’s movement: biking to and from work + walking to and from work.
  • Today’s sporty: First floorball session in a long long time. 90 minutes of gaming.
  • Today’s number of coffees: Two
  • Today’s social media update: new post at utochspring.com about running in Istanbul
  • Today’s no: no close-to-death spinning as usual

Image/ Pernilla in listingmode

Work it out

ImageI found this fantastic decorated crosswalk sign right outside my casa Vasa and isn’t it great? No one can’t be smiling after seeing it. On the topic of work out I have worked out today. First biking to work all covered for a rainy morning, then biking from work to the China Visa application center to submit my Visa application for next weeks eastern trip to Shanghai and then some more rainy biking back home. After that I was tired of biking and especially the hillybilly traffic in Stockholm. Every biking tour in the central part is a near to death experience and tomorrow I will walk to the office again.

But that was not the real workout of the day because the real thing was a combat class. I felt for giving it all in before I went there and when two of SATS top combat trainers, Olof and Tepp teamed up for todays class it was hard to not do it. That was my work out of the day, what was yours?

/ Pernilla the Monday workouter