Y dear bike has broken down again so now I transport myself to work by foot. I do not like to travel with public transportation so the options to go from cash Vasa to the office Frösis are quite limited. Walking, biking or running are simply said the choices. Today I did like the last days and walked there which is okey but I am not a fan of doing the same things every single day so today I brought my training gear and when I was done at the office I ran home. And guess what? It was great. Now I have done lots of stretching at home which I badly needed. Two weeks to go until it is time to cross the Atlantic again!

/ Pernilla in Stockholm

New York marathon countdown


It is really not a lot of days left now until my first New York marathon (and maybe my last marathon). I am so excited about it but I can’t say that I am in marathon training mode. And I do not feel in shape at all. 42 195 meters has to be forced at November the 2nd and I just have to get my ass out of the door these dark October nights for running. I have made an ambitious training plan and yesterday I was at my favorite spinning pulse class and also visited the gym at SATS Hötorget but today some running is on my schedule. I am so not feeling for it but on the other hand – how often do you regret that you have completed a run? Never. So now I am the one stepping outside case Vasa wearing my Boston boost shoes and do what it takes to get a few steps closer to finish NYC marathon at November the 2nd.

/ Pernilla no 49844 at NYC marathon

Qatar airways – 5 star experience

Flight meny

Last week on my journey home from Denpasar at Bali I flew with Qatar airways. It was the first time in many, many years that I flew with this gulf airline but simply said, the quality was exactly as good as my last journey in 2008 when I travelled to Seoul with the company. From DPS to Doha we got to fly a fairly new A330. There were just a small business class and today I was sitting in the monkey class. Luckily I got an aisle seat in the 2-4-2 config so I had good space.


Short after takeoff we got a dinner and there were two options, fish and chicken and I took the chicken option. The food was eatable but I have to say Emirates has better catering. But the champagne and wine selection was good so that covered up. There was also a second serving before landing but I do not like to eat nightfood so I skipped that one. The IFE system was also satisfactionary and I watched a few documentaries and the Disney planes sequel.

I Map

After 10,5 hours we landed in Doha and the old and crappy airport was replaced by a nice and new one. I had just a short connection before my flight to Stockholm left so no time to look around except picking up a new boarding pass but it seemed to be a great airport. And the wifi worked exceptionally well.


In Doha the A330 was replaced with a dreamliner. My second dreamliner flight in my life. There were not many people at all on the flight but the plane was much nicer than the ANA one I tried out in August. I got a seat just over the wing and just after takeoff I fell aslepp comfortable laying down at my row. About one hour before landing we got a huge and great breakfast. I picked blueberry panncakes out of the three options and they were delicious!

In conclusion I enjoyed my Qatar airways experience but it is not the best gulf airline in my opinion. An extra plus goes to the beverage selection, nice coloured cabin interior, blueberry panncakes and the IFE system. I do not have any minuses to share except that the check in in DPS took ages but that is nothing I blame the airline for. So you will most likley find me onboard QR flights again when I head to SE Asia in the future.

/ Pernilla the frequenttraveller

New 10K personal best!


If Lidingöloppet was a nightmare when it came to running, today’s Hässelbyloppet was a sweet fairytale. Simply said, it was 10K of running in the suburb. I was simply just putting one foot infront of the other and ended up with a new personal record. A sweet Sunday! Apparently my legs were in runningmode after two weeks with almost complete lack of running. So my new pers is 47:29 and today I got place 113 out of 1820 participants in my class.

/ Pernilla in happymode

A beautiful day and a beautiful place

I keep on telling about how much I love the fall, but I really do love it. It is fantastic. Every year the same thing. Today the Stockholm weather showed itself from the best side and I spent most of the day outdoors. During the afternoon I went for an excursion with my Crescent bike and found a beautiful place at Kärsön near Drottningholm. Except beeing a nice place for a walk or run they also had frisbee golf there. That was a long, long time since I did so just have to remember that for another time when I need some activity.

Kärsön Pernilla Forest Fall

/ Pernilla checking out Stockholm places

Good morning ideas!


I woke up to this Saturday and two minutes after I got out of my bed at 7:30 I got a really good idea about my fall travel plan. New York marathon is up on the schedule at 2nd of November and my plan is to fly to NYC on Halloween for a small stop in NYC. Then I will have the week after off from work and first I planned to travel in the US but the good idea that I woke up to was to switch my South American trip that I planned for the first week in December to the first week in November and go to Argentina and Uruguay after the marathon and make the first week of December to a US trip. Do you hear how great it sounds? Every time this year I am so happy that I saved my summerholidays so I have lots of time to spend traveling while others do have their winter depression. Any Argentina and Uruguay recommendations are warmly welcomed so shoot if you have any to share!

But now, over to coffee, reading Di Dimension and a yoga session.

/Pernilla the idea generator

Appyhour at Urban deli


When the officeday was over I biked to the brand new Urban deli at Sveavägen 44 to attend Microsofts event Appyhour.


We got a delicious buffet of food and some wine to eat while mingling around. Then it was time for a short talk by Sparkibaken Terese about training apps. Myself I do only use Funbeat and Spotify while training but sometimes a get a period where I get inspired from for example Nike apps.


Well, that was about apps. After mingle with real people we got to mingle with electronic gadgets. Nokias new phones was actually pretty cool, of course not like my iPhone but still some funny functions like a built in step counter and the selfie phone was specifically interesting. Also the Xbox one fitness with real instructors in was pretty cool! Well, I always like to check out new things but I will still stick to my Apple lifestyle!

/Pernilla in mingle mode