Sunday in Tokyo


Isn’t it 10 000 steps that are the daily recommended amount to walk? I do at least think so. A city trip vacation means lots and lots of steps and although we have not walked that much today we have managed to sightseeing around for over 20 000 steps already.


The first stop of the day after walking from the hotel in Akasaka was Ginza. The famous shopping district with international stores. This is not a shoppingtrip but I do not mind good buys so I got one nice skirt before we continued to check around.

Statue of liberty

Then we took the driver less train over to stylish Obidaba to check out their beaches and the Rainbow bridge. It is always great to check out new places and not even my dad that has been in Tokyo close to ten times has been there before. It is steaming hot here, nearly 30 degrees so I would not have minded a swim. Now I will just refurnish myself and then I will met up with some friends from here for dinner and drinks. Most likley I will manage to walk 30 000 steps today which is normal for city vacation days.

/ Pernilla in Japan

Hello Tokio!


Yesterday morning I arrived in Tokyo. My fourth time in this city and this is a place that always is great to get back to. It was 26 degrees already when the Austrian plane touched down at 6:30 am. Then I took the train from Narita to Akasaka and arrived many hours before it was possible to check in at the hotel. So what to do?


Luckily I was not that tired after the trip although traveling to the East is much more difficult for me to adjust to. I took a walk around the palace and checked out all runners along the popular running route. I will also do the Tokyo classic run but not today, or tomorrow, maybe on Tuesday. It was steaming hot and in the end my only wish was to get some water and a shower. And guess what? I got it bouth. Well deserved. And a nap at the hotel when my parents arrived and we could check in to the hotel.


Then a walk in the local neighbourhood here at Asakusa where I had my favorite japanese food after sushi for dinner. A good start on the trip!

/ Pernilla visiting Asia

Stop over in Vienna


On Wednesday I decided that I would make a stop over in Vienna on my way to Japan and I am not regretting that although I only got a few hours of sightseeing they were well invested hours. I woke up at 5 am to get tired to the long haul flight and worked a few hours until I decided to go for a two hour sightseeing run and walk. The atmosphere in Vienna felt very calm and there was a great mix of old and new. The houses reminded me about stories that I have read about the world war and I thought about the past when people were suffering for their lifes in the city.

20140815_074751I happened to book my self at a hotel close to Schoenberg castle so that was the given place to explore this early Friday morning. I had not done any research about the place at all so I just followed my instinct and walked/ran where I felt for. Pretty awsome. I got several great views and the exploring mode was on top.


I did among the things found a fantastic park just near the castle where I spent the majority of time on my adventure. There were flowers and morningrunners in the park so I was at the right place. 


Two hours of exploring passed by fast and it was a bit sad to leave the place for Tokyo but I will for sure get back to explore the city again. Hopefully on a run but if not I am sure that the christmas markets will be great.

/ Pernilla that had a quick Vienna stopover



Now I am off on vacation and have now been on tour since Thursday evening. As you might have noticed the blog updates since then has been zero but now I will try to catch up again. My trip started with a bumpy flight with Austrian from Arlanda to Vienna in a Fokker 100 where I also spend my first evening on tour.


Vienna looked like a city within my preferences and after a two hour evning walk downtown I will for sure get back. Maybe for a marathon run or another running competition?


I also enjoyed Starbucks and had my vacation classic, a frappe for dinner. The perfect lazy eat when you do not feel for looking for something eatable. After that I was pretty tired and went to the hotel for a few hours of sleep before I continued to explore Vienna, work a bit and fly to Japan.

/ Pernilla on tour

Sporty weeks


Isn’t it strange that it is always like this – when you are not at home it feels like everything happens and when you are at home it feels like it is quiet as at a cementry? I guess it is most of the time just a feeling but the two coming weekends that I will spend away from Stockholm it feels like there are tons of activities. Like Rebook’s immersive fitness at Gärdet where you can try out 3D classes with Bodycombat and other Les Mills classes, train with Adidas Tribes, follow the European Athletics Championships on TV, follow Ironman Kalmar and of course run Midnattsloppet. One of my favorite runs that I only participated in two times. On the topic of Midnattsloppet I got a great news today, my favorite sportsbrand Adidas is taking over the sponsorship from Nike. So guess who for sure not going away from Stockholm this weekend next year? Moi.

/ Pernilla the sportyspice

#13 is my number

Nice food

A dinner for champions with some energizing coffee, yoghurt and müsli and Polar bread with philla cheese and thin slizes of sausage later I was ready to finish up lots of at home stuff before I tomorrow travel to Vienna after work. I finally made a travel plan and that includes tomorrow evening and half Friday in Vienna. So if you have any sights to recommend for tomorrow evening shoot!

20140813_201716Then I also had some movements on my schedule and spending two hours at SATS at Bottnes superdubbel would of course have been fun but I felt that I had to prioritze other activities today so I decided to do the esiest training ever – running. A pair of Adidas adios boost shoes, Gococo socks, Nike shorts, a t-shirt, a Nike sportswatch and nothing more, I just went outside my door and ran a 10Ker at route 1C. Route 1C includes a returnrun over Västerbron and even though it was my fifth training day in a row it felt superbe. This whole day was more or less superb but then it is the 13th also, my favorite number! How was your 13th of August?

/ Pernilla that had a nice day

Perfectly unstructured travelplan


You guys may think that I am highly skilled at travelplanning but the truth is that I am the worst sort. This Japan vacation is not an acception from the rule and I can not even count the times I have changed destinations in the last minute depending on the weather or the travel route. Accommondation I rarley book before I have to and the final plan A, B and C how to get home I make the evening before getting home. The what to see and do at the destinations I read about on the plane there. This Japan trip I prefer to be in Tokyo on Saturday morning but the big question is how to get there? The thing I know most about is the hotel in Tokyo where there is a spa and pillow menu and that I have to travel through Ueno station to get there. Well, at least something. Now I am really going get a grip on myself trying to find the golden route to the far East. May it be with SK983? or LH716? or OS51? or something else…

/ Pernilla the traveller without travelplans