A day as a presider at the Swedish elections


I suppose some of you are a bit curious how it works behind the scenes when it comes to the election so I want to share the story of yesterday when I worked with the voting in the district Gustav Vasa 7, Stockholm. Before every election you have to attend a course where you get to know the percedures. It is basically the same for every election since the rules are based on the law but there are differences. Before the course you are assigned to a team of about six persons consisting of one chairman and one vice chariman that is going to be responsible for a district of about 1300 voters.

Val urna

On the election day at 8 am the doors do open to the election location and the first voters arrives. At the same point the postal votes also arrives and those have to be sorted and counted according to the percedures at the same time that the normal voting takes place. Then we have to keep track in the electorar register about who woted in what way and which elections they are allowed to vote in. Here it is really important to not make an error because then it all will get messed up in the end. Then the voters keeps on coming and lots of then has fotgotten about the voting percedure and asks why the election is not held electronically. I like to help out but you have to be prepared for lots of questions of all kinds so it is great to have some knowledge in the field. Then you are sitting at the desk registering all voters and putting one yellow, one white and one blue vote in their separate boxes until you are so sick of these colours that your eyes almost fall out. But then it is almost 8 pm and time to close the voting location and check the result.


Checking the result is my absolute favorite part but at the same time you sit there and count, count and recount it is impossible to not think about how resource intense an election really. At this point you are quite tired of yellow, white and blue but it is pretty exciting to get to know what the people you have seen in their eyes earlier in the day has voted so at this point you always get some extra energy and concentration because the most time consuming thing that now can happen is that you count wrong because then you have to recount and recounting over 1000 votes several times is not that fun.


But if your team is organizing it in an efficient and smart way it goes pretty smoothly. And yes, all votes are manually counted – this surprises so many people. First out to be counted is the yellow government election votes and after you have made sure that the envelopes in the election box matches the amount of voting people in the district you are allowed to open the envelopes. Yesterday we conculded that it felt like christmas and that santa had dropped thousands of gifts over us when we opened the envelopes. Some of them we were more happy to get than others but in the end we had one big pile and the rest quite equally distributed ones to count how many votes they included.


In my district Moderaterna won with 447 votes and the second party where Folkpartiet. A fantastic result in my oppinion but as you all might know it was not a picture of the world, but only Vasastan. Well, that is basically how it works behind the scenes at a regular voting location. When the percedure is done with the yellow votes it is time to count the white and blue aswell and in the case of Gothenburg they also had a pink vote to count since they had a fourth election about congestion charges. I am not going to comment more about the outcome of the election but seriously I cannot understand how my neigbhours, friends, colleagues, known and unknown ones decided to not countine to put trust in the team that created a competitive and internationally respected nation could. For me it is just unbelivable.

/ Pernilla writing an election summary

The story of 21 098 meters STHLM halfmarathon

Halfmarathons is without doubt my absolute favourite running distance. Not too long, not too short – it is just perfect. Yesterday I participated in my fifth Stockholm halfmarathon race and it was superfun as always. Great weather, great route, great spectators everything was great except my cough. I had a raceplan and that was to complete the race in less than 1:55:00 minutes, not because I cannot run faster but because I have been kind of sick the last week so my aim was just to enjoy one of the finest runs Stockholm has to offer.


When it was time to line up I did by accident took the wrong start group and realized that just a few seconds before it was time to cross the startingline. Shit. I squeesed through group D and came to the very end of my group C just a second before it was time to start. Perfect timing. I did not remember the whole route by heart but I knew that the for me worst part would come after two kilometers and it is Klarabergstunneln. I hate that part because the air is not breathable and it is always so crowded and everyone is trying to find a good pace. The past years my Nike sportswatch have worked perfectly in the tunnel but this year it freaked out so I had no idea how fast or slow I was running. It is nice to have a watch but not my top priority so I just accepted the fact it was out of sync with the distance and continued to run. The first 5K was effortless and I think I finished those in 25 minutes. I slowed down a bit and when we came to Kungsholmen I took a ten secounds break to cough a bit before perceding along my route 1A. Suddenly we passed 7K and then not longer after 10K and I had a good feeling. I was not doing my outmost but not the Sunday jogg tempo either.

The last 10K I saw lots and lots of people that I know around the route that was out cheering at all of us runners and that was of course a bit extra fun. I normally hate the flat part at Söder mälarstrand since I have terrible memories from that part in the past but yesterday it was fine. I was just running like I had done the previous Ks in a moderate pace and I was never supertired. At 18K I thought there would only be a hilly part left but there were not so many as I remembered so the last part was not that bad either. Then it came a long downward slooping hill at Söder on the way towards the finishline and at that point I was not too tired so I decided to finish up with style and pass by as many as I could at the remaining kilometer. But it was not as easy as it sounds. An annyoing guy in the mid 40’s got really pissed when I passed him and shouted “you don’t have to run that fast, you are not going to win anyway” and then he pushed his elbow in my side. I replied that I just wanted to finish the race and when we had passed the finishline I saw him again and he laughed and said “you didn’t win” and then I just starred at him and said “no, I didn’t and did not aim to either but beating people with your attitude is the most important victory”. My 21 098 meters took 1:51:52 hours to complete and I am quite satisfied with the result especially since I did not did my outmost but today my cough is even worse so no physical activity today.


The halfmarathonday was not over because the run was. All good races also requires an after run party so after a shower I went to Bromma for a fun evening with fellow runners to enjoy some socialising, wine and post race dinner consisting of Oreo cheesecake, candy and cheese doodles. Well, my fifth Stockholm halfmarathon is completed and I do of course hope to follow up this tradition and also participate next year!

/ Pernilla the halfmarathon lover

STHLM halfmarathon day


I woke up with a long to do list infront of me this morning since I only have one day off weekend this weekend I started going through the points straight away. After I was done with all banking stuff and similar things I walked to the city to collect my D&G watch that has been at a checkup, picking up my Stockholm halfmarathon race bib at Kungsträdgården, getting my new Runday t-shirt at Löplabbet, buying some necessary (?) clothes at H&M and at tour to ICA to get some eatable things. A quite effective morning I would say.


Then I was back at casa Vasa again where I was baking a cake to my fellows that I will spend the election day with tomorrow when I work with the elections. It looks a bit messed up on the top but I hope it taste better than it looks.


Now I have finished my yoghurt and müsli lunch and decided the in the important but so difficult what to wear question for this race. The outfit of the day will be my new pink Runday shirt, new blue Gococo compression superior socks, Adidas Boston Boost shoes and I have also decided to run with music today. Now I am doing some stretching at my yoga math and regret that I was at danceaerobic yesterday because I feel that in my legs. Anyway, that is how it is. I am not going to do my absolute best today but of course I will be dissappointed if I do not manage to run the 21 098 meters within certain standards. I promiss to post a race report tomorrow! And to all those other half marathon runners – enjoy todays 21K in Stockholm and all spectators hope you will enjoy watching! Stockholm halfmarathon is and will always be one of my favorite races no mather of the outcome today.

/ Pernilla preparing for a run


Afterworkout and afterwork

I just woke up to a sunny Saturday but yesterday was not that bad either. Not in terms of sun or in terms of anything else either. Our datasystem at work closed down a 4 pm so there was no reason to stay at the office after that and instaed I biked home and went for one of my favorite SATS classes – danceaerobics with Robert Sorensen. I just love his classes and after one hour of Friday party at the gym I had forgotten everything workrelated.

A quick shower later I walked to Kungsholmen and the place to be for the summer, Mälarpaviljongen, where I met up a dear friend for some wine and gossiping. Hopefully it was not the last summernight out for this year! If it was the best possible way to prepare for todays mission Stockholm halfmarathon I am pretty sure about at least in terms of life quility. But I do not plan to do my best halfmarathon ever because running faster than 1:47:?? would not be the brightest idea with my cough.


/ Pernilla that sometimes love Stockholm a little bit more

9.11 Never forget


The last weeks my blogging activity has been very, very limited. Not because I do not like blogging anymore it is more due to that I just have felt that I have nothing to write about. Since I got home from Japan 2,5 weeks ago I have done quite a lot of things or actually at least one after work activity every evening and I have just been home to change stuff between all activities so blogging has not been my top priority but now I feel motivated to keep my blog alive again. After 5,5 years of blogging I am kind of addicted both to writing stuff but also the picture taking which I like a lot.

Bild 2154

So what have I done this evening? well, coughing, coughing and coughing taking an after run selfie times four and doing the actual run. The 10K run I took at route 1A and was an enjoyable one in my Adidas Boston Boost shoes and the last run before Stockholm halfmarathon. I finished up with three times 100 crunches and no coughing. Now you all gonna say that you should not do training when you are coughing but I am almost 30 and I feel when I should not do physical activity. Overall my training motivation is really good right now and after I got accepted to NYC marathon yesterday I can say that it has not dropped! But I am going to limit myself and I promisse no overtraining, Six days of training a week is my max. Promisse.

Of course I am thinking a bit extra about New York today because it is September 11. A day that I will never forget. Never ever.

/ Pernilla the trainingaddict

NYC marathon 2014

I can’t believe it! I am going to New York City marathon 2014. Can’t belive it. It has been on my bucketlist for ten years and in 53 days I plan to run the 42 195 meters at the streets of one of my favorite cities in the world. A city from where I have tons and tons of memories from, a city that I love a bit more than others. I can almost not belive it is true that I am actually going and it is not even that long until it is time for my 31st US visit!


/ Pernilla the US lover

Holland weekendtrip


Weekendtrips is really something I appreciate. Preferably once a month I like to see another place than Stockholm city and the last weekend I flew to Holland to meet up with some friends.


If you ever thought Stockholm is a biking city you should see Holland. There are bikes everywhere. Not nice ones but bikes. And all biking paths are great organized so biking around in the cities is hazzle free. We were of course biking a lot. On Friday after I arrived in Utrecht we took our first biketour to the city center of Utrecht.


There we went to some bars and enjoyed a warm September evening. The Dutch bars are very relaxed especially in Utrecht but they are nice and always nice people to mingle with.


Saturday started with a croassiant and müsli breakfast followed by a full day shopping in Utrecht. I just got one thing but it was very enjoyable. In between we stopped for a coffee at The Coffeecompany. Quite a chilling day so to say.

DrinkBut that was needed because in the evening we met up with another friend that lives in Amsterdam to first go to dinner at an Indian place that was very interesting. We all ordered Tikka masala and the waitress thought it was very fun, then one of my friends asked if we could get more rice when we already got a huge bowl and they laughed and said they could refill it one, two and even seven times if we wanted. Then we were eating, eating and eating and finished about 50% of everything and the waitress that was going to pick up our plates were standing there starring at us like we would feel ashamed that we did not finished. But finally he took our plates away and then he came back and asked if we did not liked the food, but we did, and then he came back again and gave us more wine beacuse that we had managed to finish. After the food we were ready for a night out in AMS and it was really fun. One bar and two clubs later we were finished for the night. Or morning because it was morning when we got home.

FestivalSunday was a really chillout day. We slept in, had breakfast and once again biked to downtown Utrecht where they had a festival with live bands that we listned to in the sun. Quite a great end of the weekend before I headed back to AMS to board the SAS flight to Scandinavia.

/ Pernilla that is back to business after an enjoyable weekend in Holland