Like a boss. Always like a boss.


Pernilla 65 years old is kicking off this Saturday with a cup of coffee, strawberries, yoghurt and a crossword in the morning sun at the balcony. Like a retired. Then I got 35 years younger and went to a Bodypump class at SATS Odenplan to work on getting back in some kind of shape again. I was lifting the weights like a boss. Stronger, better and more focused that in a long while. Just like a boss. A shower and newly nailpolished toes later I am ready for spending a day in summer Stockholm.

/ Pernilla the Bredolt

Alternative Friday night

I had decided to run summer Stockholm tonight but was I feeling for it when it was time? no. Did I felt for it after my first step? yes. Honestly, with the runningview below and 23 degrees Celsius who wouldn’t love to run in those conditions?

20140718_21230120140718_21053220140718_205237 20140718_210737/ Pernilla the furunner

Top of the top

Man how fast this workweek has passed by. Last week was a time torture when every minute felt like an hour and this was over in five seconds. I ended the office week with an out of office selfie because now two days in summer Stockholm is what I have infront of me and tomorrow my parents are coming for a visit during the weekend.

Office selfie

I did as almost always walked home from work in royal Hagaparken but today I climed the “mountain” just outside the SAS building that I had thought about doing several times. The view was brilliant and the “mountain” is a good place to practice running upwards if one feels for it. Now I am going to move around a bit more because my Adidas Adios Boost shoes are waiting for a ride.

Utsikt/ Pernilla in weekendmode



295 people lost their lives in the MH17 crash earlier today at the boarder between Russia and Ukraine. As always when it comes to incidents with aircrafts involved I am the first one to scan all newspapers to gather as much facts as possible. I really, really hope it was a tragic accident and not that the Ukraine rebel side that used a missile to shoot down the Boeing 777. Look at the picture from Flightradar 24, pretty interesting pattern. Right after the accident the air space over Ukraine became almost empty and all planes heading to Asia moved further South.

2014 is not the year of Malaysian airlines. First MH370 that got “lost” in the beginning of March and now this. The airline already had financial problems and I hope this crash will not be the end for MH.

All my thoughts tonight are with the passengers, crew, families, friends, collegues and relatives of MH17. So unnessecary.

/ Pernilla that keeps on following the MH news

New York is always right!


New York I love you! Next Friday I am heading to the US&A for a longweekend in the city of cities. This time I am planning for some excursions and a trip to Coney island and Long beach is on my list. Of course I will also visit Central Park. I am also curious how the new Lufthansa business class at their A380 is so I hope to get on a plane with the modified version. I liked the old blue seats because they were very comfortable so it will be interesting to try this ones. Well, it always feels motivating to have a trip planned within the close future so now I got lots and lots of motivation for everything! Or maybe I change my plan and go to Chichi town instaed. Tough decisions.

/ Pernilla looking forward to NYC

Tops & bottoms


As the listaholic that I am, I will sum up today as a list beginning with today’s top 3 and ending with the down 3:

Tops of the day

  • I listned to Margareta Bernadotte’s summertalk in P1 when I walked though Hagaparken to the office in the morning. It was very interesting. She talked about her life and some interesting facts about dyslexia. Taking a walk listening to summerpodcasts is defitley a great way to start the day!
  • I leart one thing in excel at work that I have wanted to know how it worked for ages. The feeling of learning things is unbeatable.
  • I handed in one paper in the summercourse about susainable tourism that I am taking.

Downs of the day

  • I arrived one minutes to late to the best Wednesday combo at SATS so now I got blocked from the bookingsystem.
  • The military attacks in Israel. I am a news addict and following the development in the area feels like a terrible never ending story.
  • I had a disgusting lunchbox at work today that was almost uneatable and when I was going to buy my favorite sallad to bring tomorrow the lady at the supermarket said she was going to close down in five minutes so I could not buy anything. The thing was that it would have worked perfectly fine to mix sallad and it would take me two minutes (max) and not five to put some things in a plastic box.

/ Pernilla the listmaker

Yoga in the park

Every Sunday this summer there is a yoga class in Vasaparken in Stockholm and two days ago I went there with my Casall yoga math to check it all out. I have had a illusion about how lovley yoga in the park would be but it was the first time that I tried it out in reallity and it was absolutley lovley as expected. The yoga class was very basic but after an active weekend it was great to bend and stretch a bit.

I often hear people call Vasaparken the Central park of Stockholm and I have to say it reminds about Central park but why cannot Vasaparken be Vasaparken and not compared with CP? In general I think Swedes and especially people in Stockholm should stop comparing everything with New York and be proud of what Stockholm has to offer and not pretend it to be a small NYC.

Check THIS out if you wanna try it out.

Yoga2Yoga1/ Pernilla the yogi