Do it or don’t. I do it.


There are always two choices, do it or don’t. I prefer the do it version. Now when it is cold outside I do not love to run so I prefer combining running with a SATS class meaning that I run to a SATS a bit from my place, takes a class and then run back so tonight I headed to Bottne’s SATS Stadshagen to join the magic Shape class (I thought). But I was waitlisted and did not got a spot. I could have walked home but I did not. I ran there with a plan B if I did not got into the class and that was to take a run. So I had to put plan B into action and believe it or not, I had an enjoyable time outside running a 15K run alongside the waters of Stockholm in my comfy Adidas Boston Boost shoes. I could imagine in my wildes fantasy that I, Pernilla Bredolt, the constant freezing P would randomly run a 15K run tonight but I seriously had a blast! Try it! And most important when going out running in the dark, just do it as Linn say. Just do it, not thinking, just damn do it.

Or sign up to a fun race like Winterrun and you are more and promiss me to not park your runningshoes just because it is winter, dark and cold!

/ Winterrunning Pernilla

Training week of a training lover


The mask from yesterday’s winter masquerade is off and here I am sitting summarizing what I have done when it comes to training since getting home from my vacation last Sunday.

Monday: Runday
Tuesday: Spinningpulse at SATS Hötorget
Wednesday: 9K run around Kungsholmen
Thursday: Bodypump at SATS Odenplan
Friday: Morning run (!!!) at Hagaparken
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: SATS power step and Bodybalance at SATS Stureplan

Before I made my summary it felt like I had not been training at all this week but obviously I have. It turned out to be a quite nice training mix I have to say. Not so much running but next week I plan to get back to my standard of 40-50K a week after some post marathon resting. And the morning run concept was great so I hope to have time for one next week also, maybe on Thursday. On Saturday I have Tunnelloppet at my agenda as well but that is just a fun thing. How was your week in the training shoes?

/ Pernilla loving sports

Singapore weekend in Stockholm

This weekend passed by like a F1 competition. I have had some friends that I lived with in Singapore over and we have just socialized the whole weekend. It really lighted up the gray November days. We started with Friday night sushi at a really nice place called Roppongi at Kungsholmen and then wewent to the usual bars at the same island. On Saturday we had a late much with some more friends from SMU before we went to another friend at Kungsholmen for a super fun masquerade party. Today we slept until noon and then we closed the get together weekend with brunch at Levinskys. Isn’t it really cool that a lot of people that I went to Singapore with seven years ago still hang out and every time we meet up at any place in the world it feels like yesterday.





/ Pernilla that had a great weekend

Dumlemuffins and heavy weights


I really like to bake things (but not just for doing it without reason) so when I got an extra opportunity to make something for tomorrow’s birthday celebration at the office I was not late to apply. So after work I put my baking hat on and created Dumle muffins. Some of them turned out to be good looking ones and some bad ones but as you all know, in the world of blogging only the good examples are shown. I made the mistake to use unstable muffin cups from Lagerhaus so half of my creations looks malformed but well, they all have the same taste. HERE you can find the baking guide if you wanna make some goodies yourself.

After my kitchen visit I went to SATS Odenplan to lift some heavy stuff at the Bodypump class and then I took a walk for an hour in the city. But now no more activities for today!

/ Pernilla the workout baker

Wednesday happenings

Hey! P here. How are you doing folks? For me this Wednesday has been extra long and I have been on a business trip abroad today (if Denmark counts).

I can assure you it was gray also at Kastrup but over the clouds the sun is still visible so there is hope!

When I got home after two times Airbus flights of which one was carried out with a brand new Airbus I had a terrible headache. But after catching up on my daily water consumption I felt better again and I got out to performed my planned run. Route 1A around Kungsholmen was magic and like many times water, fresh air and movement is the best medicine. But now I will go to sleep and dream sweet dreams!

/ Pernilla in bed

It is a plan. It is.

Monday again and back to reality, meaning the office and of course Monday Runday. I enjoyed both things and I enjoy Mondays so it has been a good day. During my week of vacation I got a lot of time to think about this and that and when it comes to my sparetime interest training I also spend a couple of thoughts to that. I have had New York City Marathon as a training event that I wanted to complete for many, many years and now when it is over what do I then do? Well, first of all I decided to keep on running marathons just because I like it. I do love halfmarathons the most but marathons are special. It is nothing you just do even though it is not impossible and I prefer a bit of challenge but reachable ones. When it comes to training and when it comes to everything. So now I have come up with a new “what I want to do when it comes to training” list for the coming period and that is:

* December halfmarathon (or similar) in the US.

* Kristinaloppet by crosscountry skiing

* Run 4 marathons in 2015. All abroad of course. On my biggest wishlist are Tokyo marathon (february), a may marathon, august marathon and Chicago marathon.


I already like my plan so let’s celebrate the start of it!

/ Pernilla having Monday at home

Lufthansa 747-800 experience


My last day in Buenos Aires I took a run at Puerto Madero again. Sunny, warm and just great was it. Then I spent some more hours outdoor before I changed to travel pants and flew back to Europe. To my big luck Lufthansa had routed their newest Boeing 787-800 for the EZE bound flight and if you remember my summer list I had flying this aircraft as one summer to-do activity. The aircraft nerd in me was of course lucky.

And even more lucky when I got to spend the 14 hour flight (think my longest leg ever) in the new business class seats. I love those fully flat seats and always sleep like a queen in them. I did not got a seat on the top flor but hopefully next time. Honestly I do not care that much if I travel in Econ or C-class but of course I prefer the later option.

As always Lufthansa had good catering on board. First salmon.

Then tiger shrimps for main course.

Then the really friendly cabin crew wanted to feed me even more so they gave me everything except cheese from the desert trolley. Well, for sleeping and watching movies energy is needed right? During the flight I saw a documentary about Lufthansa cargo, another documentary about local produced food and their affect on GDP, a less serious romantic movie, the move the Immigrant, a few tv shows and the little mermaid. The remaining six hours I slept and suddenly we woke up in Frankfurt.
The 747-800 was a great aircraft but compared to my number one, A380 it was very noisy. The noise deducting Steinhauser headphones did of course solved the noise problem a bit but the top floor at A380 is simply the best flight experience. Well, now I am home, have been to a spinning pulse class at SATS, unpacked, been to ICA and are all settled for a new workweek with my Aircrafts. And looking forward to it!

/ Pernilla at the home arena