Singa lah

Hello from the sunny island! I have had a relaxed and enjoyable vacation Friday doing some of the things I enjoy most in life like:

Swimming in the hotel pool after a tough training session at the gym.

Spending the day at a beach. Today Sentosa siloso beach were the place where my frets got sandy.

Ending with a good dinner at one of my favorite places in Singapore, the Arab quarter at Kampong glam.
/ Pernilla in Singapore

Singapore it is!

I joined my parents for a small trip to Singapore and here I am right now far away from the snow. We flew here with Emirates and I really like that airline but for traveling here from Stockholm it was not the best option because the journey felt incredible long. We have not done that much today and that was exactly what I aimed with this trip. Do nothing. I been to the hotel gym for an hours, tried out the pool and we also took a walk around Marina bay. This is really a 100% relaxing holiday.




/ Pernilla in Singapore



P here. I feel over and out right now. My body is tired after four tough training days in a row that I topped with a super spinning pulse class tonight. So tomorrow’s rest day at the Emirates flight to Singapore is warmly welcomed.

I am also over and out of work right now. It feels like a never ending story without any result or progress and I hate the feeling on not being able to perform. It is like running a marathon with a rubberband fasten around your waste, you just wanna do a lot of it but do not get anywhere although you know how to get to the finish line. Probably you understand. But like the rubberband around your waste, if you give up you will for sure not get to the finish line but if you work and work harder than before sooner or later the band will break and you will get to the finish line but now it feels like an overload of everything and I have the worlds thickest rubberband tied around me. Well, time to sleep and reload some energy for me to use for tomorrow’s challenge.

And the picture, nice right? I practiced some funny faces picture taking when I was bored out at a flight. Not suitable for Vogue but it really fits my mode today so therefore I put it here to the general public to watch. Let it call it the over and out pic.
/ Pernilla that is a bit over and out

Training junkie week

LifeWhen I flew home from Hong Kong last Saturday I was longing for a week where I went all in when it comes to my training, just because that I like it. But it did not started in the way I wanted.

Monday, I was still a bit sick and most likley I also had fever when I got home from work. I really, really wanted to do some training so I attended a Bodybalance class at SATS Spårvagnshallarna. That was it then I was totally over and out for the day.

Tuesday, I felt almost like a human again so I went to my favorite spinningpulse class at SATS Hötorget after work. 60 minutes of sweat, sweat and more sweat and I fulfilled my goal to reach 90% in all four of the tough intervals. I ended the workout with stretching and my usual 3 times 100 crunches.

Wednesday I was in runningmode so I took a 10K jog around partial ice skatingrink looking Kungsholmen way. The jog was just a well-beeing one and I also ended this day with 300 crunches.

Thursday was rainy and I attended two classes at SATS Stureplan after work. Shape and Runners strength. The day after the back on my legs were so sore you cannot imagine. And my arms. And my butt. And my whole body.

Friday I took timeout and enjoyed a glas of wine.

Saturday I woke up with fresh legs and met up two running friends for taking on a halfmarathon run. That was a piece of cake and in the evening I lifted heavier weights than what I ever had done at a Bodypump class.

Sunday, today, the common rest day I have done everything else than resting. I warmed up with a 10K run at Pampas marina and around followed by my new addiction yoga. After last summer I got hooked on yoga and I really did not needed any more training activities that I enjoy… but shit happens and I still managed to attend the second close-to-death spinningpulse class at SATS Stadshagen to wrap this training week up.

Do you know what guys? it feels so good right now. I am really happy with the result of this training week and it feels meaningful to have a marathon in the middle of March to focus on. Then I will find a halfmarathon in the end of February as a partial goal to focus on, of course abroad so I also can explore the world a bit. Did I ever mention that training is my big hobby alongside with traveling?

/ Pernilla the training junkie

Food week

When I was out traveling in Asia I missed Swedish food. Not the food itself but the breakfast. I am a true breakfast junkie so the last week I have satisfied my breakfast cravings both one and two times a day, but I have eaten some other good stuff this week as well so here I wanna share some foodinspo from the last week. The inspo is free from food trends and far away from chia pudding, organic stuff, LCHF and so on because that is not how I work!

This is currently my breakfast favorite, one polar bread with Bregott, ham and pepper and a glas of proviva carrot.

The “forbidden” white non-fiber Barilla pasta is also a favorite of mine so I cooked some and added fresh veggies and tomatoe sauce and had for lunch some days.

Last but not least I had a yummy eat yesterday after my half marathon, waffles with cream and raspberry jam. I love waffles and I realized it hassle free to make so I am sure I will use my waffle maker more often from now on.
/ Pernilla the home cooker

Half marathon

This winter day could not be better, snow free streets and air with a touch of spring made me feel for running when I woke up. I had planned a run but as you know it is not always you feel for it as well but today I did. I had a plan to run a half marathon and so I did. It went very well although it was windy for a bit. The back of my legs are still super sore after my two hour gym workout on Thursday but luckily it does not impact the running.
I did as always wore my Adidas Boston Boost shoes and warm and cozy Gococo ski socks but I have replaced my knee thing with a schalett band from Vulkan (Check it out HERE) and that was a hit. I had one of those many years ago but lost it so I started to wear my knee thing but the Vulkan band was great so I will keep on using it for a while and hope that I don’t need any support later this year, but who knows? Now I am in the big 30:s…



/ Pernilla in a run

Trendy traveling

Yesterday I grounded myself at home and it was a top notch choice to hang out a casa Vasa. I have not been at home any evening this year so walking around in cozy at home pants and knitted socks was a true energy boost. This weekend is going to be a stay at home in Stockholm weekend but as always I have some traveling in my pipeline. On Wednesday I will go to my beloved Singapore for a longweekend. I got a press release from listing some travel trends for 2015 but it seems like far away longweekends are not on the list yet but I do my best to add them. Here is what is what are top travel trends in 2015, so what is your travel trend degree friends?

* Others do get inspired about how you travel: social media and worldwide wifi connection is the key in spreading knowledge about places far away from home.

* Experience traveling: traveling in 2015 is so much more than just going to a beach. Go to a beach and combine it with yoga, trail running, kayaking, surfing or whatever. I guarantee it will add another dimension to your trip.

* Sustainable traveling: well, from my perspective the whole “sustainable” environmentaly friendly part is most bullshit when it comes to worldwide hotel chains. I rather stay at a local hotel and sponsor local entrepreneurship than compensate for my travels to worldwide gigants.

* Personal accomondation: personally I just love to check out the local culture and I have tried airbnb a few times and must say that I love it. It is a unique chance to get to know a place away from home like your home but it also requires some investment from your side but if you want something out of the box, go for it.

* Take more selfies: travel companies loves when you share your selfie moments in social media and tag them, I understand why, the travelers are not only paying for the trip they do at the same time work as brand ambassadors doing marketing activities for free for the travel agents.

Enjoy your travels friends, now I will book my Singapore weekend gettaway.

Singapore/ Pernilla the travel junkie