Tops & bottoms


As the listaholic that I am, I will sum up today as a list beginning with today’s top 3 and ending with the down 3:

Tops of the day

  • I listned to Margareta Bernadotte’s summertalk in P1 when I walked though Hagaparken to the office in the morning. It was very interesting. She talked about her life and some interesting facts about dyslexia. Taking a walk listening to summerpodcasts is defitley a great way to start the day!
  • I leart one thing in excel at work that I have wanted to know how it worked for ages. The feeling of learning things is unbeatable.
  • I handed in one paper in the summercourse about susainable tourism that I am taking.

Downs of the day

  • I arrived one minutes to late to the best Wednesday combo at SATS so now I got blocked from the bookingsystem.
  • The military attacks in Israel. I am a news addict and following the development in the area feels like a terrible never ending story.
  • I had a disgusting lunchbox at work today that was almost uneatable and when I was going to buy my favorite sallad to bring tomorrow the lady at the supermarket said she was going to close down in five minutes so I could not buy anything. The thing was that it would have worked perfectly fine to mix sallad and it would take me two minutes (max) and not five to put some things in a plastic box.

/ Pernilla the listmaker

Yoga in the park

Every Sunday this summer there is a yoga class in Vasaparken in Stockholm and two days ago I went there with my Casall yoga math to check it all out. I have had a illusion about how lovley yoga in the park would be but it was the first time that I tried it out in reallity and it was absolutley lovley as expected. The yoga class was very basic but after an active weekend it was great to bend and stretch a bit.

I often hear people call Vasaparken the Central park of Stockholm and I have to say it reminds about Central park but why cannot Vasaparken be Vasaparken and not compared with CP? In general I think Swedes and especially people in Stockholm should stop comparing everything with New York and be proud of what Stockholm has to offer and not pretend it to be a small NYC.

Check THIS out if you wanna try it out.

Yoga2Yoga1/ Pernilla the yogi

Drinking smoothies lika a boss


In the aftermath of yesterdays halfmarathon run I have been hungry the whole day long today since lunch. The whole bikeride home from work until I was home I thought about what to eat when I got home. And guess what the very first thing was that I did when I got home? ate. I mixed my absolute top class smoothie that I stole the reciept from my favorite smoothie bar nékter that you must visit if you travel to Cali. It is made of ice, frozen banana, mango, date, PB2 and coco milk. Together with that I had lots of nice strawberries so now, now my dear friends now I have energy to do something tonight aswell. Yes, I am still having a crush on smoothies. Food is sometimes really, really awsome.

/ Pernilla the smoothie lover

Monday halfmarathon

A great week has a great start. The workday was pretty fun today and tonight I ran a halfmarathon at Djurgården. The run itself felt terrible for 15 out of 21 kilometers but I save you guys the details and share the nice sights from a beutiful Monday in Stockholm.

20140714_20305520140714_200245Bästa boosten 20140714_202947/ Pernilla that sometimes do not loooove runing

World cup Brazil 2014

All good things comes to an end. The worldcup in soccer edition 2014 is almost over and like with every other worldwide big sportsevents it will feel empty tomorrow not watching any thrilling games or reading others thoughts about last nights performance. I have followed the worldcup in Brazil quite intense and for the last five weeks I have at least watched one game every day. From this championships I will never forget the German victory over Brazil, the fact that Spain lost with 1-5 against Holland and when Australia’s Tim Cahill scored a magnificent goal against Holland in the group playoff.

In addition to all great memories from the soccerfields from all over the country I am also glad that media has shared stories about the back side of the championships. All underpreviledged people living in the favelas, all the costs of building the arenas and so on. The championships has really been an eye opener to the world about Brazil and I have to say it is an amazing country. I visited it two years ago and went to Rio and Floripa and at that time they have started the “cleanup” before the soccer tournament and it would be very interesting to get back and explore the difference. But now, lets cheer for Germany!


/ Pernilla cheering for Germany

Spinning with a touch of “hen” – no thanks!


It was a while since I tried out a for me new SATS gym and since I felt for a hard cores spinning session this week I had planed an excursion to SATS Hornstull at the hipster area of Stockholm. I have my preconceived ideas about Söder and the few times I go there I more or less feels like an UFO. I did so today aswell and when I came to SATS Hornstull it looked very crapy from the outside and when I finally found a what hopefully was a safe place to park my bike at I went in. The reception area and the gym itself was pretty nice. Not a basement SATS but it felt fresh and the changing rooms also looked good.

My spinningpulse class was not so good though. It was the right opposite and the instructor did all the don’ts through the 75 minutes class. It was impossible to get a red line through her class, what were we supposed to train? long intervals? short intervals? mountains? I did not got it. Since this was a pulse class I take for granted that the instructor focus on which pulse zone to be in but no, we rarley got recommendations about where to aim for just listen to our own feelings. She had also most likely just decided which music to use and the decided what to do during the class which is not a succesful way to build a class with a purpose. In addition to that it was impossible to hear what she told us to do so after 45 minutes I gave up and did my own race. Then shortly after that I could finally hear and understand her instructions and we were supposed to take turns do 15 seconds of intervals. Fine. I decided to do my best. For five seconds. Then she said that first the she goes 15 seconds while the he rests and then takes turn. That was also fine. But then, then she used the worst word I know “hen” and she said that everyone who felt like a “hen” could decide which group to join. Thanks but not thanks I sielent made a protest and did not followed her intervals and continued my own race. But at least I saw a nice SATS and got sweatty but I wish that my spinning gurus Michael, Staffan and D’Agostino comes back really quick from their summer holidays because I need and want some quality spinning!

/ Pernilla a dissappointed SATS customer

A fascinating story

Bra bok

Bookreading has since my parents read the daily good night stories to me when I was a kid been a favorite of mine. Last week when I bought the latest issue of the magazine ELLE there was a freebee book that came along with the magazine and since I had nothing else to read at the beach last Sunday I started with the book written by Jojo Moyes (Me before you). And I couldn’t stop. I read it on the beach, on the train to the airport and on the flight home. It was a lovley story about a british girl that get a job as a caretaker of a A-personality man, Will, that lives isolated in his parents castle after beeing paralysed after a motorcycle incident. It is a sad, lovley, heartbreaking story and definitley one book that I will remember for a long, long time.

I saw that PT-Fia also had read the story and liked it and she also recommended Jojo Moyes book Sophies historia and I am for sure going to get that one aswell.

/ Pernilla the readaholic