December 7

I woke up before the sunrise today here in California but at 06:45 the night turned into day and so did I. I changed to some training wear, went to Starbucks for breakfast and then out on tour with my Adidas Boston Boost shoes. After more or less spending yesterday on my butt I had an overload of energy to spend while running at the beach here in CA. I stay in Hemrosa beach which is a small beach town just south of LAX and it is a very pretty place filled with beach houses and surfers. And runners. However, I did the 7:th task from the advent calendar today, perform your favorite training activity and not surprisingly I decided to go for a beach run. It was amazing 17 kilometers in sunny weather and I visited for me a new part of the beach.
When I was done training and showering I went to the beach to read my book before I walked to a mall that was further away than expected. Now I just watched the sunset and my fetes hurts after all walking.that was my second advent, hope you ate some lussebuns and had some glögg for me!

/ Pernilla in California

December 6

Now I have vacation and has spent the whole day flying here to Los Angeles. I woke up way to early and then I sleepy all the way to Frankfurt. There I had just one tiny hour to get from the plane that was parked on an apron position, pick up a ticket, do the passport control and run like crazy to the gate furthest away of them all. I made it also this time as the last passenger to board the 747-800 and and then I spent the next 11 hours sleeping, eating, watching movies and doing nothing. Doing absolute nothing was a task at the advent calendar so I can definitely recommend thick in that box today. But now I am in Hemrosa beach, at the beach enjoying the sun and sand! Hello vacation!


/ Pernilla in California

December 5

I captured today’s superb image on yesterday’s Santa run and it perfectly illustrates my day where I right this second are unbelievable tired. After a day at the office, an after workout at the job gym where I took on the Christmas challenge and did 500 reps of core, arms and back excersises feeling the vacation spirit. Because now I have vacation! And what is a better start of it than training followed by a Christmas dinner at work? My beauty sleep I will get tomorrow on the flight to LA.

/ Pernilla that need a sleep

December 4

It has been yet another day of christmas fun doing a task from the active advent calendar signed by Träningsglädje. The theme of today was social training and for me that meant social running. I ended up to do it twice. At lunch I took a 7,5Ker with my boss in Hagaparken and tonight I checked out christmas Stockholm in christmas wear with Runday Helen. At our christmas jogg we went all in and took our santa hats on and took a run passing by all pretty christmas decorations in the old town, the Kinnevik christmas three, NK, Sergelstorg, the raindeers at Nybrokajen more or less all nice christmas decorations this city has to offer. I strongly recommend a santa run and do not forget the santa hat because that is what differentiates a run from a santa run.IMG_0618.JPG

/ Pernilla in Santa gear

December 3

Third December a day to remember. It has been a turbulent day in the Swedish politics today and personally I am very happy about it. Not in the short run but everyone deserves a second chance and now the right wing parties has it. They just have to take it and I think that the way to win the new election in March 2015 will be to present a fair agenda for the immigration politics otherwise I fear that SD will grow even bigger. That was some thoughts from today. I just came back from today’s advent calendar mission: take a powerwalk and think about the good things that have done in 2014. And I have done a few good things, traveled a lot, been running many fun runs like New York marathon as a highlight, seen many exciting places in the world, spent time with great friends, seen my family quite often, tried Ben & Jerry’s strawberry shortcake frozen yoghurt, trying to be nice to people around me not only the ones I like but everyone and I have forzed myself to also perform better when I have to do things that I do not really like. I learned that magic does not happen by itself, magic is something you make and have to work hard to get!

/ Pernilla the power walker

December 2

Time flies and now it is only 22 days until Santa knocks on the door. I just made my second pick from the advent calendar and the task of today was to do something that I really like for 30 minutes. But since it was something I really liked I doubled the time to 60 minutes. My 60 minutes was well distributed and I took an awesome run at Kungsholmen and my Adidas boost shoes also came along for a return trip over Västerbron to the tunes of fab music from Tomorrowland. A Tuesday night could be worse!



/ Pernilla in run for fun mode

December 1

Sweet December is here and I love this month. 24 days of fun until Christmas and instaed of inventing the wheel again and creating my own advent calendar I will follow Träningsglädje Sara’s 24 December missions this year. Tonight I have exercised my biggest weakness, my arms. OMG. I already feel the pain from tonights shape class at SATS Stadshagen. Usually one of my favorite SATS instructors Staffan has the class on Mondays but today he was not there and an iron lady gave us 55 minutes of total body workout the hard core way. Actually, it is not only my back that hurts now when I lay in my comfy bed. Also my back, my legs and my tummy are chocked. Or can it be the Bodyjam that I joined after the Shape class? Because the 3K run to and from the training center it cannot be.Ljusstake/ Pernilla that is over and out for today