I added some colourful tulips in my casa Vasa and all of a sudden my depressing wintermode became a little bit better, or can it be the great news that the snow is dissappearing from the streets again? I do not know, but today feels like a much much better day than yesterday. My “ebola” cold is close to gone, I had a pretty efficient day at the office and ended with a beloved Tuesday tradition at SATS Hötorget, pulse spinning. I can tell that after the 60 minutes of hard core spinning reaching pulse levels on 90 percent a couple of times I was for sure not freezing anymore. I have an idea about running four Marathons in 2015 as some kind of new years resolution/30 year old crisis and I am almost sure that I will do the Washington DC Rock’n’Roll Marathon at the 14th of March as the first one so now my plan is to get in shape in January and February and the Tuesday deadly tough spinningpulse classes is a perfect way to get in shape also for marathons. I have not had any training goals since New York Marathon so it feels good to once again have something to focus on although I also enjoy training whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it. If now just the snow and cold can keep on staying away I would love to go running tomorrow because the last time I was running was one week ago and that is a long, long time.

/ Pernilla in the North

Reality check

It is now almost 48 hours since I walked off LH800 at Arlanda and I have to say that I feel more than finished with winter for this year. Already. 48 hours of constant freezing, and although I Love skiing I am not really happy being a citizen of a city in the northern part of Sweden from January to before eastern. These months are really a mental challenge for me every year and I am counting the days until the snow is gone. I do not want to complain but it is how it is and winter is not my cup of tea. But so will try to survive also this year and next week I will go to Singapore to heat up a bit. To have these small getaway breaks makes it possible for me to stand out. Anyone else who is feed up with winter or do you guys like it?
/ Pernilla in winter land

Flying home

I am definitely not sponsored by Lufthansa in any way although some people have asked me that but I just like to fly with them because they fly where I wanna go. So simple is that. Now I have enjoyed yet another great Lufthansa experience at their Boeing 747-800 from Hong Kong to Frankfurt. When I fly long haul I do most of the time travel in business class and it is so worth it. You can sleep good and there are no crying children around. The food and drinks is is also great and today’s menu was created by the Shanghai Shangri-La chef. They also had a really good French wine from Medoc that I will try to find when I get home. 10 hours of sleep for me on this 13 hour flight and instead of spending the Sunday like a zombie I will actually be able to do something.




2015/01/img_1317-0.jpg / Pernilla in travelmode

Hiking day at Dragon trail

Lit is the last day of my trip and I have spent hiking at the ultra cool Dragons tail trail. My birthday evening was also really enjoyable and I spent it sitting out side at the terrace doing the first BBQ for 2015 at my friends place. I am though sick again and I hope the 13,5 hour flight home tonight in horizontal position will cure my fever for this time because tomorrow I hope for some skiing at home or a visit to SATS. Here comes some pictures from today’s hike in lovely Hong Kong!





/ Pernilla in Asia

I Love HK!

Since the first time I visited Hong Kong in 2008 I have loved this city. It has everything, mountains, tall buildings, old buildings, new buildings, water, green space, lots of people, culture, history, charm, pulse everything and not least amazing views. Today I have worked but I took a break to visit The Peak. Pretty good break I have to say! The view from there is hard to beat! I love that SAS soon will start flying from Stockholm to here because that means more visits for me to this fab place.




/ Pernilla in Hong Kong

Hello lovely Hong Kong!

Yes, that is the place where I have reallocated to so now I am on the way home. After lunch I also got sick so now I have lots of fever and do not really feel on top but that will not make this Hong Kong visit meaningless. This morning I started with a workout in Okinawa, 7K of running and many exercises in a china gym. Then after the shower I started to feel like a wrack and it got worse on the plane. Luckily I had a whole row for myself in the other full aircraft so I slept through the flight. Well, hoping for a better status tomorrow and no fever! I just have to say that I love Hong Kong. It is special and just a lovely place. Luckily SAS will start their direct flight here in September so then it becomes even easier to get here often! Now it is sleeping time and I am going to wake up in normal condition tomorrow. At least if I can decide!




/ Pernilla in Hong Kong

Going local

The sun has not reached Okinawa today either and I have therefore not spent the day at a sunny beach. But still flip-flop weather so no complain from my side. I havn’t been bad off at all. The only thing I miss is Swedish breakfast. The best meal in the world.


Here menues when you go out and eat looks like above. So it is just pick something and be happy. Or pick from the plastic dish displays. Well I like it. And luckily they have Starbucks here to save my coffee cravings.20150107_134942

The morning I started off with a handful hours at the home away from home office Before I headed out for a 13K run to explore a bit. I did find a few exciting stuff and lots of runners. Since I got here I have not seen any single European. That does not happen often when traveling! The running track was also great, like many other places in Asia they have real ground like at athletic fields reaching for kilometers in parks and it is really enjoyable to run there in my Adidas Boston Boost shoes.


There are also many nice spring flowers here so I pictured a few of them. There are also several gardens that are supposed to be nice like the chinese and botanical but I was not in mode for doing some hard core sightseeing so I just ran around Naha to check it out myself.


Last but not least my camera captured one of many cool houses that are built in this city Before I returned to my office work. Tomorrow is my last day here before heading to the last destination of this trip – Hong Kong.

/ Pernilla in Okinawa