How to improve your run

ImageImageThe magic formula for making good fun runs is to prepare for a run with a tour in the sky. In the morning of today I flew back to Stockholm from Istanbul and every time I run after a flight I run better. Seriously. The other trick I have for making enjoyable runs is to wear brand new socks. Today I had a pair of white Gococo Light sport socks. I have a pair of the same socks in green but they feel to thick for running so I use them for other activities but these white ones were just a perfect match in my Adidas boost shoes. So this now you know how to make a succesful run!

/ Pernilla the Gococo runner

Istanbul recap

What a great long pre-vacation trip I have had in Istanbul. It was a fantastic city. Huge (app. 17 million inhabitants), trendy, oldfashion, new, crowded, dirty, filled with tulips, cool buildings, ugly buildings, poor people, people living in luxary, a bar street that I loved, super expensive wine, turkish delight stores everywhere and just a perfect spot for a weekend trip that is very different to other European cities.

ImageThe holiday started with a run alongside crowded streets with the Bosphorous and the great bridge between Europe and Asia as a view while I was waiting for my Deutch travel partner in crime to arrive.

ImageIn the afternoon we reunited and walked around in the city that was covered with tulips at the Bosphorus side and explored that part. Then we got bad sushi cravings and finally we found a sushi place, Zuma, which we both realized we had visited before in other countries. The sushi was brilliant and we also got some wine before we ended the first day with visiting some bars and concluded that the alcohol tax must be high because everything was cheap except alkohol that was even more expensive than in Singapore.

ImageThe second day we started at Starbucks then we walked until our feets were almost falling off the bones. First some store visits at the main shoppingstreet Istiklal street then some must-see-sights.

ImageFirst out was Hagia-Sophia which is supposed to be one of the 100 top attractions in the world, but unfortunatley we were not impressed and it was a waste of time to stand in line to go inside. The outside is beautiful so do not skip that if you go to Istanbul, but the inside is really nothing special at all.

ImageWhen the muslims Friday praying time was over we covered our heads and checked out the blue mosque. That was a really impressive place and since we are experienced travellers we knew there was a shortcut to avoid the hour long tourist line so we asked some locals that showed us a hidden door to enter so we saved the time that we lost while visiting at Hagia Sophia.

ImageAt night we rested our feets and refilled with the truly turkish dish, döner, and wine at a nice bar while watching the livley streets. The turkish people must love french fries because it comes with everything!

ImageThe third and last day that also started with a Starbucks visit we took a ferry to the Prince’s islands that are car free islands 1,5 hour from the mainland. The boatride was great the first twenty minutes then the wooden benches was not comfortable anymore and we looked forward to enter the island. We had no expectations and no idea what to do since we forgot our Lonley planet at the hotel so when we arrived we just strolled around, chilled out in the sun and had some meze for dinner before we took the boat back again.

ImageThen we ended the last day as every other days with some wining. This time we found the best bar district right behind the main shoppingstreet and it was absolutley awsome with live music and chic bars! Questions on that?

/ Pernilla that now is home after a fab Istanbul holiday

Vacation it is!

Now my vacation months starts again and first out of six before midsummer is Istanbul. As always I am superexcited about all sees and do’s in that city. I am soon going to the airport to catch the Turkish flight to IST so the first vacation hours I have spent doing this:

ImageWorking out. Today I had my weekly spinningpulse day and the superawsome class were back again. 75 minutes of fun. Then I rounded off with a bit of excersices in the gym just because I felt for it. But now, over to some travelling.

ImageI am ready and my new passport cover that I bought in Paris is ready for exploring a for me new city. I just cross my fingers that the LH strike has not affected my travel plans. I hope I can keep you guys updated with some blogging but I fear that my twitter account would be quiet.

/ Vacation cheers from Pernilla

Workout of the first of April

ImageI think that everything is meant to be. Somehow. I got the idea to join the best SATS spinning this Tuesday morning and since the whole day has been old style Tuesday like (slowmoving, little of action, no demanding things to do…) I was extra pepp for a real, tough workout. But for the first time in my life this Tuesday the 1st of April in 2014 I was not accepted from the waitlist to this rockstar class. A little bit shitty because i really, really felt for a spinning pulse class tonight. But since I just joined Träningsglädje Sara‘s 30 day challenge to workout every day in April I could not just walk home like a loser the first day so I performed my third gym session of the year. The first one was at the fab Carlton hotel gym in Singapore, the second one at the very well equipped and hi-tech Grand Hyatt hotel in Dubai (the picture is from the outdoor part of the hotel gym) and now this one, the third gym session of 2014 I performed at the over crowded SATS Hötorget. Well I survived and after five minutes it was fun.

But the chance of attending a rockstar spinningclass this week is not over. Since I always use the bookingsystem to the max and book in all classes that I want to go to I have a chance tomorrow before it is time to take the nightfligt to Istanbul.

/ Pernilla the SATSified one

Flower power in Casa Vasa

If I would have had another job outside my office job I would have loved to work with homestaging. Finding unique, nice stuff to decorate homes with would be so much fun. I spend quite a lot of time to search for the right items to decorate my Casa Vasa with and the last weekend I finally found some decorations that fitted.

ImageFirst a huge orchaid to my kitchen window. Simple, stylish and just the right thing for a huge window in the 19century style.

ImageSecondly some more flowers but this time tulips in a pot that I have placed on the same shelf as my shells from all over the world. And of course it has a miniature of my favourite aircraft A380.

ImageThen last of all an eastern decoration have moved in to my Casa Vasa. Hubert is the name of him.

/ Pernilla the home decorator


Summertime is here! I celebrated that with a springrun at Premiärmilen today here in Stockholm. It was shorts weather and sunny but the run itself was everything else than a sunshine story. Try to run a 10K run with tons and tons of muscle pain in your legs and you will know how it felt. Thanks a lot to all great supporters around the track that helped out today! Here you can read more about my race today that was a fight from the first to the last meter. My little brother (that now is big) made a brilliant performance in his boost shoes and came on the 24th out of 1244 runners in his class.ImageImage/ Pernilla the funrunner Bredolt