Baking with beans

Bean cake

For a long time I have read a fantastic baking and lifestyle blog written by Roethlisberger. She is making and baking amazing foods and deserts so of course I also wanted to make something out of her things. I thought it would be nice to try baking with beans and if it was to groose I always had a choice to not eat it. Some weeks ago I made her brownie black bean muffins and they turned out to be a huge success. Together with a cup of tea and strawberries I enjoyed a tasty but not too unhealthy late night snack. I will absolutley make more bean creations!

/ Pernilla the baking lover

15K of run fun


15K of summermagi in my Adidas Adios Boost shoes ended my day. A day that have been a good Monday in many ways. Tonights afterworkout route was planned to Djurgården and the air felt like 300 meters South. The wind was warm and it was as perfect it could be. My legs were also in perfect run mode today and it was the kind of run when it felt like you flew over the ground while investing minimum of energy. What I have learnt during all my years of running is that some runs feels crap while other feels perfect and although I do of course not enjoy the crappy ones those runs you just have to keep on going because otherwise you will never ever be able to enjoy the easy ones. Never forget that friends when it feels like your legs are stuck into the ground. Just keep on going, going and going and another day you will get “that” feeling just because you have worked for it. Nothing is free!

/ A tired Pernilla

Weekendtrip to Miami, why not?


Miami is a place totally in line with my preferences of great cities in the world like NYC, Boston, Paris, Chicago, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore and LA and since I already been to NYC one time this year and are going there in November I decided to not take a long weekendtrip there but instaed I plan to head to Miami. A city that I know by heart or SoBe I know by heart since I been there lots and lots of times. The minus with going there is just one and that is that the Lufthansa flight departs at 6:10 am.

For many people it may sound crazy to travel all the way to Florida for a weekend but it is not that crazy and the six hour time difference is not a problem if you do it this way:Stay up late the day before departure. Sleep the whole flight to Frankfurt. Then at 10:30 when the plane to MIA departs it is 4:30 am in Miami so drink some champagne and wine and eat a little bit of food (not too much) then you sleep the first six hours of the flight. Then it is 10:30 local time in Miami and you can wake up, surfing on internet or watching some tv and eat a bit more before landing. Then if you fly an A380 make sure to almost run to the immigration to avoid lines before taking the 15 minutes taxi ride to South Beach to check in at the hotel. Then you will have time from 3 pm until 11 pm when you are tired to do stuff like swiming.

The following two days you have 2 times 24 hours to enjoy yourself. Do things when it is not too hot and then rest on the beach when it is hot. On the fourth day when it is time to travel home and the flight leaves at 16:30 take a morningrun at 7, eat breakfast and do whatever until 2:30 when you go to the airport. Make sure to be very hungry when the flight leaves so you can eat a big lunch/dinner then stay awake to watch one movie before you sleep until landing in Frankfurt.

Compare that with a weekend in Barcelona where you leave Stockholm at 8am and get there at 12 am, get your bags by 1pm and are at the hotel in the city at 2pm. Going to Miami takes longer time but the time difference is solving that problem. When going home from Miami most flights to Scandinavia leaves around 5-6pm so you have to leave to the airport around 3pm which is the same as Miami. The difference is that if you go to Barcelona you will not have to sleep in the aircraft while traveling home but for me I sleep like a baby also on aircrafts so it does not make any difference to me compared to staying in my own bed. So my conclusion is that a longweekend in Miami is not really more time consuming than a longweekend in Barcelona.

/ Pernilla the travel lover

When the laziness takes over

is right now. I planned for taking a late evening run but do I feel for it? I think when I lay here at my balcony reading Marathon Petras Det är bara att springa book. My answer is yes and no. Yes because I like running very much and no because my body feels a bit tired after a week filled with a halfmarathon, Bodypump times 2, Sha’bam, Bodycombat, gym sessions, lots of walking, swiming, biking, working and so on from morning until a few hours an hour ago when I entered my chillax position. So my answer is no. No running today, my laziness takes over and although I hate it is good to be lazy. Not every day but once in a while.

20140720_192238/ Pernilla in readingposition

Roadtrip at Utflyktsvägen


Utflyktsvägen (excursion way) is a route Södermanland from Saltå Kafé to Trosa havsbad and that is what I have seen today when my parents were visiting. A sweet summer Sunday filled with excursion that was as Swedish as it could be with a roadtrip in a Volvo.


The first stop was Trosa where we went for a walk along the river and in the harbour. Then we planned to buy some cinnamonrolls to have on the beach but surprisingly there was no open bakery in town so we had to find a different solution, Coop. Where are all local summer entrepreneurs?


The second stop was Trosa havsbad where we went swimming, watched boats, read books and ate the only kind of cinnamon rolls we could find in Trosa. Then a thunderstorm came and we started to drive back to Stockholm.


But not the whole way, we stoped at Tullgarn castle to check it out. It was very pretty as well but once again the summerrain started so we drove back to Stockholm but first we stopped at Saltå Kvarn. A pretty nice summerday filled with for me new sights that are close by but that I have not seen before.

/ Pernilla that love exploring


Like a boss. Always like a boss.


Pernilla 65 years old is kicking off this Saturday with a cup of coffee, strawberries, yoghurt and a crossword in the morning sun at the balcony. Like a retired. Then I got 35 years younger and went to a Bodypump class at SATS Odenplan to work on getting back in some kind of shape again. I was lifting the weights like a boss. Stronger, better and more focused that in a long while. Just like a boss. A shower and newly nailpolished toes later I am ready for spending a day in summer Stockholm.

/ Pernilla the Bredolt