Last call from Bali

I am home in Sweden again since yesterday morning and don’t blame me for the rain all Swedes, I was not the one brininging it here. So, my last day at the beutiful and sunny Indonesian island was also that one a real energy loading day consisting of a nice breakfast at the terrace, some swimming in the pool, a gym session hotel style, the last beachwalk followed by an ice cream for lunch and then some more beachwalking and swimming before I went to the airport at 5 pm. Although my vacation did not became as I planned to it turned out to be pretty nice anyway. It can been the most relaxing holiday in my life so now I have brought tons of energy with me back home.

20141006_073200Gym 20141006_144129

/ Pernilla the Bali holidaymaker

Easy going Sunday at Bali


This Bali vacation did not turned out the way I planned to due to my terrible cold but it has not been too bad either. I had actually only two requirements for this vacation and it was a long beach and over 25 degrees warm. Today I had a super yummi banana pancake and vanilla smoothie to breakfast and I feel so much better than the last two days!


I continued my day with bookreading and swimming in the pool and then I went to the hotel gym. I do not have fewer anymore so 40 minutes at the crosstrainer and 30 minutes with the weights was what I gave myself.


Then I went for a long beach walk and stopped for a Starbucks Frappe for lunch. On the way back I stayed and watched a surfing competition for a while. It was for under 16 years old and they were so good. A quite easy going day I would say.


Now I have watched the beautiful sunset here over Kuta beach and I will go and get something small to eat for dinner. Tomorrow is my last day here before I go back home again and I doubt that I will go back to Asia more times in 2014 – but who knows?

/ Pernilla in S.E Asia

Beachlife at Bali

Here you go ladies and gents, some beautiful pics that I took today here at Bali. I havn’t done a lot today just some hours of beachwalk and swimming in the pool. I really hope that I will feel better tomorrow so I can see something else at Bali.




/ Pernilla at Bali

B as in back to Bali

Bali sunset

I am back at Bali. And since I left almost one year ago it has changed. The airport was a brand new 120 billion IDR building. The crazyness along the roads still remains, hundreds of motorbikes and cars are sharing the small roads around the island. I flew here with Thai though Bangkok and I spent 95% of the flight sleeping since my cold got worse so now I am here at Bali with fever. But at least better to recover at a beach and pool in South East Asia than at home in casa Vasa.


And I heard that ice cream is the best medicine so I hope to wake up in normal condition tomorrow because my food intake since I left Sweden has consisted of two times ice cream,Fishermans friend, green tea, water and Strepsils.

Bali beach

Anyway, Bali is just a great place and as long as I get some beachlife I will be happy!

/ Pernilla at Bali

Autumn boost


This is happy me earlier tonight, walking home from ICA with a big brown envelope under my arm. I didn’t know it was Christmas today as well!

Adizero boston boost

Inside the box it was an Adidas treasure. One pair of pink Adidas adizero Boston 5 boost shoes. Although I already had played floorball today and walked to and from work I just had to try out my new pink shoes so I went for a 10Ker around route 2A. The castle, Slussen, Söder Mälarstrand, Västerbron and Norr Mälarstrand. This evening was perfect for running and after the arrival of boost material I think it will be hard for me to run with a different kind of shoe. It is simply the fastest and best kind. I mean, it is not for no reason that the new world record holder in marathon Dennis Kimetto that beat the world record at the 42 195 meter distance in Berlin last Sunday and won the race in his Adidas Adios Boost shoes at 2:02:75. That is unbelivable good! Next time I will use my pink newbees it will most likley be at Bali because there is where I plan to fly to tomorrow.

/ Cheers from Pernilla

The agenda of 30 September 2014


Hope you had a great last day of September 2014. I think it is quite fun to read about what other people do during a normal weekday so I want to share what I have done today. More or less regular weekday.

6:00 am my alarm clock want me to get out of my bed and of course I do it. “If you snooze you lose” so getting up and getting out is the one and only thing. I get dressed, eat yoghurt and berries, drink a coffee and read the paper version of DI.

6:30 am I am getting a pair of sneakers on and walk to work. It is an awesome September day and I enjoy every minute of walking through Hagaparken.

7:05 am I check in at the SAS office and are now fully awake for yet another day at the office.

9:00 am the first meeting of the day. I host the phone meeting with the other Scandinavian countries and goes through our KPIs and priortize todays work with my team.

11:00 am together with other middle management people I enter the conference room Singapore at SAS Frösundavik for a five hour project update and status briefing of an important IT project. Quite interesting and the time goes fast. At noon we have half an hours lunchbreak and at 3 pm coffee break. Pretty standard.

16:00 pm it is time to express work a bit and catch up what I have missed out during the disconnected hours in the meetingroom.

17:25 pm I am not finished with everything that I want but I decide to go for the reverse Hagaparken walk home anyway. It does not feel great to leave without finishing but my work is never finished.

18:10 pm I reach casa Vasa again and eat the same food as I did for breakfast while paying a bill that came in the mail today. A 20 minutes break at home before I leave again.

19:00 pm time for training. A shape class hosted by fab Nike mastertrainer Jessica Clarén is on todays agenda and if it does not hurt tomorrow I will be happy but surprised.

20:00 pm I have to get some new yoghurt at the store so I take a short stop at the store on the way home.

20:30 pm finally home again. I do my dishes and get wet myself in the shower to wash off the memories from the shape class before I fall down at my coach watching Kalla fakta which today is about darknet. Very interesting because I never heard about darknet before.

That was pretty much my Tuesday this week. How has your day been?

/ Pernilla with a weekday summary

I got an iPhone 6!

Iphone 6

Today I am glad that I did not made any efforts at Lidingöloppet yesterday because I woke up with legs that had recovered from muscle pain and could start the day with a Bodybalance class at SATS Odenplan. Then I walked to Kungsholmen to trade my old iPhone to a brand new golden iPhone 6 and I was lucky as a kid on christmas when I walked home with the Apple treasure in my bag. The day followed the relaxed Sunday theme and I went to my brothers place for teatime before I joined him for 75 minutes of spinning at SATS Stadion. The spinning class was great so now after some dinner I am spending this evening together with my iPhone, a bit geeky but I just love Apple stuff.

/ Pernilla the iPhoner