Last call from Japan

20140821_101028 Here comes a little recap from my last vacation days in Japan. As I wrote before I decided to spend two days in Fukuoka and the second day was beach weather. I googled some nice beaches and started the day at one fantastic one. The whole city felt like Australia but not so far away but with nature from Thailand so it was fab. Really fab.


Then I had a late lunch and something that the japanese are good at making is crepés so I had one with strawberries and ice cream inside. After that I walked, walked and walked even more and a bit more until my feets were to tired to walk more.


On Friday I took the bus to my final destination for this trip, Nagasaki. The busride took two hours but the scenery was great so not a chance to get bored.


Nagasaki was also hot but only 28 degrees and cold winds from the sea so it was comfortable to walk around there. The city center felt very different from the other two places I have visited on this trip. It felt more geuine and authentic. The reason that I went to Nagasaki was to check out the atomic bomb museum and peace park and like the rest things associated with the world wars it was hard to believe it had happened. But worth a visit just to remember.


In the evening I went for a run. I am a sucker for bridges so my goal was to run over the bridge in the background of the picture but unfortunatley I did not found the way there but I got a nice run anyway. After that I went to Mount Inasa which is the highest point in Nagasaki to check out the night view of the city. That was a perfect ending of a see and experience vacation.


Yesterday I flew back home. No dreamliners this time but first an ANA flight from Nagasaki to Haneda, then a LH flight from Haneda to Frankfurt where I bored out already before departure (dayflights home from Japan is the absolute worst way of traveling since you shouldn’t sleep to avoid jetlag) and then a SK flight from Frankfurt to Stockholm. In total it took around 24 hours to fly home and under that time I read Analfabeten, Times magazine, Forbes, Women’s health, Gala, SvD, the LH magazine, some more german magazines, watched Vicky, Christina, Barcelona and some other shows, listned to three CDs, played inflight tetris at least ten times when I reached more than 100 levels each time and starred on the flight moving map. Such an uneventful day so today I need tons of action.

/ Pernilla at home



I flew away from Tokyo Haneda airport this morning with ANA. An airline that I like. Today I liked it a bit more when I saw that there was a Boeing 787-900 dreamliner waiting at the gate to depart to Fukuoka. One of my summermissions was to fly a dreamliner so check on that now. The plane was nothing special though. It was louder than I expected and A380 is still my favorite aircraft followed by 747 but it was very fun to try the dreamliner experience. I will make a longer post about it and ANA another day in my airline category.


So why did I went to Fukuoka then? well, I do not know I just wanted to go here and I have so wanted since 2008 when I was on exchange in South Korea but for no special reason. I just wanted to check this place out. Now I have checked this place out for one day since I arrived 9:30 am and I really, really like it. It is green, friendly people, traditional japanese, located at the water, is surrounded by mountains. Simply said it is just a nice place to be at.

SpringAfter walking around for lots of hours I changed my sandals to my Adidas boost shoes and checked out the most popular running route and some random places. It was a bit colder to run compared to yesterday, only 28 degrees today so it was comfortable hot. After 7,5 kilometers I was finished and switched to some strength exercises before I walked home. I thought. I walked the completley wrong direction so I got even more sightseeing. Now I am just having this vacations first doing nothing evening and planning my remaining vacation days. I might fly home on Saturday to join Adidas tribes in Hagaparken on Sunday (check out for event info HERE) or I will do one more night out in Tokyo. Tough decision friends…

/ Pernilla in Japan

I heart Tokyo


Yesterday just flew by like the other vacation days here in Japan. After breakfast I performed my first run for this vacation and happened around the grand palace. It was steaming hot and at 9 am when I took off it was 34 degrees. The first two kilometers I just took off like I had stolen something but after the longest training rest since South Africa in May 2013 I looked so much forward to running again so I couldn’t stop. Then I slowed down because it was just too hot. In total I managed 7K and when I got back I was red like a tomatoe.


A shower later I went to Shibuya where the big crosswalk is located to do some shopping with my mum. I had space in my suitcase so I was not going to buy something but… I found a few stuff so now I have negative space in my Samsonite. It was too hot to do shopping as well and it felt like my legs were buring just walking from Starbucks to the subway and luckily we had not planed any outdoor activities.


For dinner we went to Itamae, not the place that I love in Stockholm but one in Akasaka just next to our hotel. The sushi was delicious and the bites where huge so I didn’t had to eat anything until lunch today.

Tokyo Tower

As the last activity of the day and my stay with my parents in Tokyo was to visit Tokyo tower. I have been there before but I am not the one who says no to great views of one of my favorite cities. I havn’t been away from Tokyo 24hours yet and I am already missing the place like crazy. I love that city!

/ Pernilla in love with Tokyo

Visiting Kamakura

Tokyo fishmarket

Like most of the time on my vacations there is no time to sleep in. Unfortunatley. This Monday morning we started with having hotel breakfast and then we checked out Tokyo fish market, Tsukiji market that I never been to before just because I do not like to get up early. If it is a real tourist must I am not sure about but it was nice to see the worlds biggest fish market but I hade higher expectations.


Then we took the train to Kamakura, a popular tourist city one hour outside of central Tokyo that had been on my wanna see list for quite a long. And this was not a dissappointment. It was steaming hot, over 30 degrees so it was not a chilly walk today. We checked out one shrine, Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu, then my quota with shrine visits for this vacation was fullfilled.


After that we continued to walk the hot streets of Kamakura and checked out another place that was a bamboo grove, Hokokuji. And there I took a selfie before moving on to…

Kamakura beach

One place that I had looked a lot forward to – the beach! I am a true beachfan and I think this is the best you can get close to Tokyo. No swimming for me today but I can tell the water was very warm. In total Kamakura is well worth a visit if you wanna see something beyond the international Tokyo. I did not noted one single western person in Kamakura during the whole day but at the fishmarket it felt like there were just scandinavian and Japanese people.

/ Pernilla on Japan tour

Sunday in Tokyo


Isn’t it 10 000 steps that are the daily recommended amount to walk? I do at least think so. A city trip vacation means lots and lots of steps and although we have not walked that much today we have managed to sightseeing around for over 20 000 steps already.


The first stop of the day after walking from the hotel in Akasaka was Ginza. The famous shopping district with international stores. This is not a shoppingtrip but I do not mind good buys so I got one nice skirt before we continued to check around.

Statue of liberty

Then we took the driver less train over to stylish Obidaba to check out their beaches and the Rainbow bridge. It is always great to check out new places and not even my dad that has been in Tokyo close to ten times has been there before. It is steaming hot here, nearly 30 degrees so I would not have minded a swim. Now I will just refurnish myself and then I will met up with some friends from here for dinner and drinks. Most likley I will manage to walk 30 000 steps today which is normal for city vacation days.

/ Pernilla in Japan

Hello Tokio!


Yesterday morning I arrived in Tokyo. My fourth time in this city and this is a place that always is great to get back to. It was 26 degrees already when the Austrian plane touched down at 6:30 am. Then I took the train from Narita to Akasaka and arrived many hours before it was possible to check in at the hotel. So what to do?


Luckily I was not that tired after the trip although traveling to the East is much more difficult for me to adjust to. I took a walk around the palace and checked out all runners along the popular running route. I will also do the Tokyo classic run but not today, or tomorrow, maybe on Tuesday. It was steaming hot and in the end my only wish was to get some water and a shower. And guess what? I got it bouth. Well deserved. And a nap at the hotel when my parents arrived and we could check in to the hotel.


Then a walk in the local neighbourhood here at Asakusa where I had my favorite japanese food after sushi for dinner. A good start on the trip!

/ Pernilla visiting Asia

Stop over in Vienna


On Wednesday I decided that I would make a stop over in Vienna on my way to Japan and I am not regretting that although I only got a few hours of sightseeing they were well invested hours. I woke up at 5 am to get tired to the long haul flight and worked a few hours until I decided to go for a two hour sightseeing run and walk. The atmosphere in Vienna felt very calm and there was a great mix of old and new. The houses reminded me about stories that I have read about the world war and I thought about the past when people were suffering for their lifes in the city.

20140815_074751I happened to book my self at a hotel close to Schoenberg castle so that was the given place to explore this early Friday morning. I had not done any research about the place at all so I just followed my instinct and walked/ran where I felt for. Pretty awsome. I got several great views and the exploring mode was on top.


I did among the things found a fantastic park just near the castle where I spent the majority of time on my adventure. There were flowers and morningrunners in the park so I was at the right place. 


Two hours of exploring passed by fast and it was a bit sad to leave the place for Tokyo but I will for sure get back to explore the city again. Hopefully on a run but if not I am sure that the christmas markets will be great.

/ Pernilla that had a quick Vienna stopover