Miracles can happen!

ImageLike that me, Pernilla Bredolt, the most anti morning running person voluntarily goes for a morning run at 8 am at Kungsholmsstrand and Pampas. But it was absolutley awsome. Blue sky, chilly but fresh air and just amazing.

ImageHalf way into my 10K I stopped for making some planks combined with a selfie photo session before I turned back to the city.

Image And look what I found at the end of my route, a China gym in Stockholm style. Kungsholmen are investing in wellbeeing for their inhabitants – thumb up for that!

/ Pernilla the morning jogger

How to improve your run

ImageImageThe magic formula for making good fun runs is to prepare for a run with a tour in the sky. In the morning of today I flew back to Stockholm from Istanbul and every time I run after a flight I run better. Seriously. The other trick I have for making enjoyable runs is to wear brand new socks. Today I had a pair of white Gococo Light sport socks. I have a pair of the same socks in green but they feel to thick for running so I use them for other activities but these white ones were just a perfect match in my Adidas boost shoes. So this now you know how to make a succesful run!

/ Pernilla the Gococo runner


Summertime is here! I celebrated that with a springrun at Premiärmilen today here in Stockholm. It was shorts weather and sunny but the run itself was everything else than a sunshine story. Try to run a 10K run with tons and tons of muscle pain in your legs and you will know how it felt. Thanks a lot to all great supporters around the track that helped out today! Here you can read more about my race today that was a fight from the first to the last meter. My little brother (that now is big) made a brilliant performance in his boost shoes and came on the 24th out of 1244 runners in his class.ImageImage/ Pernilla the funrunner Bredolt

Celebrating Spring

ImageIt is fantastic weather here in Stockholm today as well so I continue to celebrate that the spring of 2014 has arrived. I woke up by myself when the sun lighted up my room at 7:30 and some minutes before nine I was taking the first runningstep of approximatley 21000 that I ran today. My halfmarathon at Djurgården was really a feel good boost and I got company from a random lady that asked if she could join my pace which I did not minded but it is very unswedish.

ImageThe run was easy peasy today although it was really windy from time to time. Djurgården is defintley one of the nicest places to run at in Stockholm. After the run I had to express change in order to met up a friend for having a bruch and right now I start to regret that I left out the stretching part…

/ Pernilla the Sundayrunner

Homebase day

ImageMy garden, this day has been so Svenssonlike for me it is scary. Waking up – eating breakfast – going to work – work – break – work – eat lunch – work – drink coffee – work – go home – eat dinner – unpack my vacation stuff – write a race report about San Diego women’s halfmarathon at utochspring.com – run around Kungsholmen – take a shower – go to sleep. I can really not understand people that like to have these structured routine days day after day, week after week, year after year! Now I am going to sleep and then I will try to make yet another Svensson day as exciting as possible.

/ Pernilla the non-standard day liker