A November Sunday

IMG_0517.JPGIt was long ago since I visited any other pars of Stockholm outside of Vasastan, Östermalm, Kungsholmen and Frösundavik so this morning I navigated away from my usual area during my morning run.


During my 15 kilometers I visited Slussen, took a tour around Söder (which I do not like because I feel like an alien there) ending up with some foot gymnastics while running the last kilometer over the cobble stones in Gamla Stan. The running weater was brilliant for beeing November and I enjoyed my slow pace run big times. I managed to complete 50 kilometers of running this week and that I have not done since the early spring!


After a hot shower at Casa Vasa I made real food for lunch. Not yoghurt, fil, bread or a smoothie like always on the weekends but salmon terriyaki, carrots, mushrooms and an egg so at the moment I am feeling so nutritious!

/ Pernilla having a boosting day


Tunnelrun day today and I woke up happy again after yesterday’s terrible Friday. Had a nice breakfast with clementines, my new favorite spinach drink and one piece of tunnbröd while I read the race PM and tried to get ready for a run.

I biked to the start with zero expectations and I am not a fan of tunnels so I did not even know why I registered for the race. The first thing I did was running into Runday Helen and we were surprisingly in the same start group so we had some pre-race pepp.
42 213 runners were participating and it was quite crowded in the start. The first kilometer I was barley running and was not expecting a fair time at all. It is not that important to me but still I have certain time frames I want to make. Luckily I have been running so many times so I kind of know how fast I run anyway. Inside the tunnel it was a huge running party with music and cool lightening on the track that went up and down like a roller coaster. It was pretty cool and after two kilometers it was not that crowded anymore so it was possible to run. At 7k Adidas had a boost zone and that was the best part of decoration with confetti and club sound. The running experience was on top although no spectators. My legs were in running mode the whole route but just before 5K I could barley breath but I loved the ups and downs so after all I managed to finish the run within my maximum time frame. I hope they will have more Tunnelruns because now I am not afraid of running in tunnels anymore!

/ Pernilla the Tunnelrun survivor

Win a start place to Winterrun 2015

In January I took part in a very funny running race here in Stockholm when I joined the first edition of Winterrun and now I have the opportunity to make a drawing where one of you can win a start place to the race in Stockholm the 31st of January 2015. In order to compete you just have to answer one simple question:

Why do you want to participate in Winterrun 2015?

Participate by adding your motivation in the comment field of this post (or send it by email to pernillabredolt@gmail.com) no later than Sunday 30 of November.  Don’t forget to add your email address so I can reach the winner.

Good luck!

(HERE can you read about my race experience the cold January night earlier this year)


/ Pernilla the competition arranger

Do it or don’t. I do it.


There are always two choices, do it or don’t. I prefer the do it version. Now when it is cold outside I do not love to run so I prefer combining running with a SATS class meaning that I run to a SATS a bit from my place, takes a class and then run back so tonight I headed to Bottne’s SATS Stadshagen to join the magic Shape class (I thought). But I was waitlisted and did not got a spot. I could have walked home but I did not. I ran there with a plan B if I did not got into the class and that was to take a run. So I had to put plan B into action and believe it or not, I had an enjoyable time outside running a 15K run alongside the waters of Stockholm in my comfy Adidas Boston Boost shoes. I could imagine in my wildes fantasy that I, Pernilla Bredolt, the constant freezing P would randomly run a 15K run tonight but I seriously had a blast! Try it! And most important when going out running in the dark, just do it as Linn say. Just do it, not thinking, just damn do it.

Or sign up to a fun race like Winterrun and you are more and promiss me to not park your runningshoes just because it is winter, dark and cold!

/ Winterrunning Pernilla



I am kind of up and running again. It feels like I have barley been running since Stockholm marathon but when I looked into my June statistics I have been running 16 times this far. I hardly believe it because first my foot was a pain in the ass, then I lost my knee thing, then my foot started to be a disaster again and again and again but now I am crossing my fingers that this is the end of small but annoying runninglimits. Right now I am in a running period and would love to run every day so of course I was out for a 10K tour also tonight. The run was just a basic one at my route 1A at Kungsholmen while I was waiting for my laundry. Tomorrow I am counting on beeing back at the Runday training.

/ Pernilla the comeback runner

Summerboost at Brunnsviken

On Monday my poor little foot was feeling so bad that I could not even walk on it for 3,5 kilometers to work so I had to bike there. On Tuesday it felt better but of course not perfect, yesterday it felt even better until I kicked my soccer ball and after that I have felt my foot for the whole long day today but since I really badly both needed and wanted to run tonight I decided to give it a try and if it was hurting I would stop. The good news was that it was not hurting at all when I ran though the East side of Brunnsviken. It was a fantastic pre-midsummer evening in Stockholm. I thought a lot about the unsecure future and I did to the tones of some great house music made up a scenario plan so now I am going to put the work drama to the archive, think about funnier things and continue my life philosophy that always make the best possible out of everything although it does not have to be perfect.

ImageImage/ Pernilla the runaholic

Alpine running

I have had a really fab day in Lichtensteins mountains doing trailrunning at 1400 meters height. This is my second alpine race and if I would pick one running race a year I would choose one down here. My day started just before seven when I woke up and then took the local bus to the start which was much closer than I thought.

ImageFor a change I had lots of time before the race and people here are so openminded so here they do not think you are crazy when chatting to unknown people. I met an american girl in my age and we had breakfast together and talked about what was supposed to come. 800 runners were on todays linup for either the halfmarathon plus (26K) or the full marathon at LGT Alpine marathon and at 9 am we took off.

ImageThe first 10K was a piece of cake. A nearly 100% flat course alongside a river but I knew it was going to be tough so I had a comfortable start and finished part one of the race in about 53 minutes. At this point we had reached the city center of Vaduz and here the though 10K would start. 

ImageLike the other non professional runners I had no plan what so ever to run the next 10K and instaed I planned a hike. And I got a hike. 10K and over 1000 meters of climbing at trails and alp streets was not runnable for the majority of participants but that does not mean it was easy. It was over 15% inclination at many places so when the water stops came they were more than welcomed. And the organge stop. Wow, I love orange but today it was the best food on the planet. It was so beautiful and I had my phone with me so I stopped for picture taking a lot of times. The hiking part was fantastic!

ImageAfter 20K was done it was payback time so now we had to run down to a super cute village on the other side of the mountain. The views were stunning also on this side with small alp lodges, snow covered mountains, summer flowers, cows, mountain goats and lakes with turquoise water. I had a really great day and I will for sure try to keep the tradition of doing alpine runs every summer.

/ Pernilla in the alps