Fresh Food Friday

ImageI have just invented a new thing, Fresh Food Friday. So from today Friday’s lunch will consist of a colourful and fresh sallad. The mix of today included lots and lots of yummi stuff like crayfish, lettuce, cherrytomatoes, carrots, cheese and more tomatoes which was a great energy boost before the weekend. From now on I declare Friday as Fresh Food Friday, who is in?

/ Pernilla having a sallad day

Eats. Problem solved


When I walked my the store on my way home I got a genius dinner idea- buy mix salad. In two minutes my what to eat for dinner case was sold so now I am just waiting for an invitation to Mensa after coming up with this smart idea. I hope the Mensa general will read this read this blog post soon because when I get home from my Bodypump class I am awaiting an email in my inbox.

/ A vitamin boosed Pernilla